Tucker Carlson claims Elizabeth Warren is lying about being sexually harassed

Carlson: “When you reward people for victimhood, they pretend to be victims”

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Citation From the October 15 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Elizabeth Warren is clearly a creative person. Instead of paying bribes to ascend, she simply makes up stories. Our latest edition of tall tales with Elizabeth Warren tonight.

To get a job at Harvard Law, of course, you know she claimed to be a person of color, an American Indian. She says she was fired from a teaching job for getting pregnant, when the evidence shows that's completely untrue. 

And now a Washington Post story this morning describes how Warren once eulogized a dead colleague by telling his grieving children that the man had sexually harassed her by literally chasing her around in circles in his office.

One problem with that story, the man she accused of chasing her was a polio victim. He couldn't chase anybody.


CARLSON: I kind of think it's our fault, though. It's America's fault. When you reward people for victimhood, they pretend to be victims. Why wouldn't they? Right? I mean, she's responding to incentives that were in front of her, correct?