Tucker Carlson: Calls for anti-racist police reform are a “sick religion” “all over the Anglo world”

Carlson: Violence is “causing massive demographic changes in this country” and “there's something really dark going on”

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Citation From the December 1, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): In a lot of places in this country, the violence is completely out of control. It's crushingly sad and it's causing massive demographic changes in this country. People are fleeing. We've got to stop this. How can we do that? 


HEATHER MAC DONALD:  It turns out that ideology trumps common sense, and it trumps in -- for a very long time, people's own sense of comfort and their own desires, because a lot of these politicians who have been demonizing the cops have been reelected. Because people would rather embrace the idea that they are alone in fighting racism, it makes them feel virtuous. 

And frankly, the other reason, Tucker, is the vast majority of crime is happening in inner-city neighborhoods. It's the class divide that you talked about before. It's also a race divide. This isn't going to change until white kids start getting shot in their homes at night.

CARLSON: Yeah, it's really a sick religion. It's all over the Anglo world too, it's not just the United States. There's something really dark going on.