Tucker Carlson blames “Western race guilt” for the spread of coronavirus outside of China

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Citation From the May 4, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): As China downplayed the epidemic internationally, the Chinese government was busy stockpiling medical supplies for itself. Taking them from the rest of the world for itself. In January China increased imports of surgical masks by 278 percent. They increased imports of surgical gowns by 72 percent, of surgical gloves by 32 percent. In February, meanwhile, Chinese medical supply exports dropped dramatically, but at first the numbers didn't reflect that. People were confused, why? Because China delayed the research of trade data to hide what they were doing.

And then the Chinese government began emitting smokescreens in the media, they used Western race guilt as a defensive weapon against the west. While China imposed tough internal travel restrictions for example, it attacked western governments for any restrictions they thought about placing on China as "racist." Result? Many thousands of people left Wuhan and came to western countries where they started outbreaks in dozens of cities. New York, Seattle, Milan.

At the same time, Chinese diplomats began telling the world that the virus actually had come from America, maybe from the U.S. military, maybe from a lab. They denounced any claims to the contrary as --- give you three guesses -- racist. And it worked. Of course it worked. That's why they did it.

As the European Union prepared a report on the coronavirus, Chinese diplomats pressured the E.U. successfully to remove language on China's lying, its rampant misinformation about it. Western media needless to say played along with all of this. Why? Because instinctively, they know at a gut level that any criticism of western civilization must be true. Of course. So, it was easy for them to wind up as willing pawns of Chinese government propaganda. And pawns they were.