Tucker Carlson blames collapse of Silicon Valley Bank on “pioneering glass-ceiling-shattering women”

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Citation From the March 10, 2023, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): But just like FTX, all the geniuses told you to buy SVB, even when it was on the brink of total collapse. What explains that? Surely something does, we don't know really know at this point. Hopefully we will someday. What we can say tonight is that SVB, like the scammers at FTX, had quite the public relations department.

"We're not some greedy finance outfit that exists solely to generate cash for overpaid sleaze balls who run it. No, that's not us. We may be a bank. We've got the soul of an NGO. We care. We're saving the world." And to prove it, there's a whole page on SVB's website about their plans "to monitor and reduce our own carbon emissions." Yes, because you want a bank that cares about carbon emissions. And of course, there's endless posturing because it's all free about diversity, equity, and inclusion. 


And they kept this crap up to the very end. As their bank began to slip beneath the waves, SVB posted this on the social media feeds. "As part of women's history month ... we're celebrating women-led companies like Suma Wealth's Beatriz Acevedo" a company that SVB described lovingly as "focused on closing the Latinx wealth gab." 


We know the guys at SVB were not capable bankers. Didn't seem to spend a lot of time banking or paying close attention because they had videos to make about dynamic pioneering glass-ceiling-shattering women.