Tucker Carlson blames American aid to Ukraine for the death of Ukrainian civilians

Carlson: “Many more Ukrainian civilians will die, certainly, thanks to the Biden administration’s policies”

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Citation From the May 2, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST):  We know the war in Ukraine is not about saving democracy. Please. We know it's not about protecting the sacred borders of a sovereign country. We know the Biden administration doesn't care about those principles because they run our country, and we see how they act.

And we know for dead certain -- and this comes as sad news to a lot of Americans who are compassionate -- but we know now that the war in Ukraine is not about helping the Ukraine people, those poor people. Many more Ukrainian civilians will die, certainly, thanks to the Biden administration's policies.

If you wanted to save Ukraine, its people, its infrastructure, its nation, you would push for a settlement now. You would have done it two months ago, but they're not doing that. They've rejected it out of hand, so that's not their goal, saving Ukraine, saving human lives.


So we arm Ukraine so we can fight Russia. Now, how many Americans, whatever you think of Putin -- probably not much, justifiably -- probably don't have a lot of interest in moving to Russia, but how many Americans then or now want to, quote, "fight Russia?" A very small group. But Adam Schiff said it out loud at the time in the House of Representatives.

We don't arm Ukraine so we can help the Ukrainians, they are merely unfortunate pawns in all of this. We arm Ukraine so that we can punish Russia. Why? For stealing Hillary Clinton's coronation.