Tucker Carlson attempts to shut down Mexican-American lawyer by claiming he's from a country “controlled by the conquistadors”

Carlson tells previously undocumented lawyer “we're not reporting you or having you like, taken out by force”

From the July 30 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): As an American let me explain our system to you I know that you're here illegally.


CESAR VARGAS: As a nation, we have matured from only free, land-owner white people --

CARLSON: Don't hit me with the race crap, okay?


As a citizen of a country controlled by the conquistadors don't lecture me about that stuff.


CARLSON: I don't know what chutzpah is in Spanish, but for you sitting here illegally and we're not reporting you or having you like, taken out by force.

VARGAS: And you know what I got a green card now.

CARLSON: Oh, you do have a green card.



We're all Americans.

CARLSON: No you're not actually, you're a Mexican citizen I believe.

VARGAS: A Mexican-American and that's the pride of this great nation.

CARLSON: You know what you are, you're bold.


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