Tucker Carlson Attacks Bill Nye As A “Bully” During Interview On Climate Change

Tucker: “You Don't Actually Know” What Climate Would Be Without Human Involvement “Because It's Unknowable”

From the Februrary 27 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): You're using the language of politics, look you're not a scientist as you know. You're a popularizer and that's fine.

BILL NYE: I'm using the language of economics.  

CARLSON: I'm just saying to the extent that you prevent people from having an honest conversation you’re doing a grave disservice to science, don’t you think that?

NYE: You asked how long it would be before -- what the climate would be if humans weren’t involved right now, is that right?

CARLSON: Yeah, yes, that’s exactly right. At what point would it have changed and I’m just saying you don’t actually know because it’s unknowable so why aren’t you open to questions?

NYE: So this is how long it takes you to interrupt me, okay? So it takes you quite a bit less than six seconds. So the climate would be like it was in 1750, and the economics would be that you could not grow wine worthy grapes in Britain, as you can today, because the climate is changing. The use of pesticides in the Midwest would not be increasing because the parasites, or the pests are showing up sooner and hanging around longer--

CARLSON: I think that’s probably all true but--

NYE: --The forest in Wyoming would not be overwhelmed by Pine Bark Beetles as it is because of climate change. That’s how the world would be different if it weren’t for humans.

CARLSON: So much of this you don’t know, you pretend that you know, but you don’t know, and you bully people who ask you questions.


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