Tucker Carlson and guest warn that migrant caravans full of diseases like scabies are headed to the border

Buck Sexton: “What's happening is border patrol is being turned into a de facto Red Cross” 

From the January 28 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

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BUCK SEXTON: On one front, you just have now the increase in very serious medical cases. And this is problematic in a number of levels. You have people who are showing up, as we know, there are already two children who have died in custody. They were ill when they entered custody but there many people that are now coming into border patrol custody, in most cases or many cases they are surrendering so they are actually, actively seeking out border patrol. Knowing that they are going to get medical services. They're actually having to set up now screening facilities, frontline screening facilities for border patrol to deal with people showing up who have H1N1 flu, scabies, a whole list, a whole litany of different communicable, very serious diseases that they have to be treated for, by the way, courtesy of the taxpayer, that often requires taking them to the nearest hospital which takes one or two, depending on the sector, border patrol agents to accompany them to the hospital. All of this of course paid for by Uncle Sam. Then you also have to deal with the drain on resources.


And now what's happening is border patrol is being turned into a de facto Red Cross on our border for people who are coming up with serious illnesses, diseases, people who are eight or nine months pregnant. This is happening in increasing numbers every month.


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