Tucker Carlson and guest mock the term “person of color,” call it a racist term because “everyone has a color”

Roger Kimball: “You are a nice color, Tucker. I think of myself as being sort of a pleasing pink”

From the July 17 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

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ROGER KIMBALL: Listening to the juvenile Mod Squad, these four women who are only incidentally legislators, what they are really doing is burnishing their own celebrity. They aren't taking care of their constituents. I wish they would give the phrase “People of color” a rest. We need to retire that phrase because it is a racist phrase-- 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): What does that mean? 

KIMBALL: You are a nice color, Tucker. I think of myself as being sort of a pleasing pink. But, everyone has a color. It's a racist term, because the idea is that somehow you are trapped by your skin color. That having dark skin imbues you with a special virtue, and having white skin imbues you with a special evil, or a liability, and that is a racist idea. And it is being used as a bludgeon to criminalize policy differences and criminalize differences of opinion. 


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