Tucker Carlson and guest claim a diverse military will lead to the rise of the next Hitler and the nuclear destruction of American cities

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Citation From the June 23, 2021, edition of Fox Nation's Tucker Carlson Today

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): How would you assess the current state of the US military?

JESSE KELLY (GUEST): Well, I think hundreds of thousands of Americans are going to die. That's what I think.

TUCKER: What does that mean?

KELLY: I think, I know you're awesome on this stuff and I talk about all this all the time on my shows to about the -- all the woke garbage in the middle of every day. Everybody has to have an LGBTQ flag. And let's learn about how bad white people are and all this stuff now. But what people are missing is this: There's only a finite amount of time. And the military only has a finite amount of time and finite amount of concentration for things. Right now, the evil people who still exist in this world as they always have, there's still a Hitler out there right now. There's still Stalin, there's still Mao. They're spending every waking moment thinking about how they can murder as many Americans as humanly possible.

We are dividing up, whatever percentage that is, a percentage of our military time thinking if we're friendly enough to women, or if the gay people feel welcome enough, if we've done enough transgender surgeries this year? OK, but even if you believe in those things, you don't have time for that. When when the guy in China is waking up every day spending 10 hours a day thinking about how to carve your tongue out of your head and you're spending two thinking about doing that to him and the other eight, thinking about being gay friendly, how that ends is war. And people if -- when I say hundreds of thousands of Americans, I'm not trying to exaggerate.

Go study World War I and World War II and what these battles are like. Twenty nine thousand casualties on Iwo Jima alone. That's how that ends. That ends with you losing. But because Americans have never taken on another superpower and lost, you don't understand what that means. And when I tell people to study war, don't study America, go look at World War II and study Japan. Study one hundred thousand people dying when we firebombed Tokyo. That's how that looks in Los Angeles. That's how that looks in Chicago. The asphalt was melting. People were bursting into flames. I'm not trying to scare people. I'm trying to wake people up. Whether you believe it or not, we don't have time to divide our time between making you feel good because you're a little different and killing the enemy. We don't have time, and we're wasting so much of it and they're not.