Tucker Carlson and guest cheer on Trump's planned use of armed force to round up undocumented immigrants 

From the June 24 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight: 

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So I'm trying to think just through my own role as a citizen, I try to be a good person -- why should I pay my taxes? And this is a sincere question. Now that members of the Congress, the single most powerful Democrat in the United States, third in line to the presidency, is telling me you that don't have to follow federal law. In fact, you're virtuous if you don't. Why am I following it? Am I an idiot for paying my taxes? 

BUCK SEXTON (RADIO HOST): Well no, they're pushing for lawlessness on immigration, Ocasio-Cortez and many others. And it's really worse than that: They're rooting against law enforcement. And I think that also needs to get a whole lot more attention here. ICE officers are going into communities, they're going to have to -- in their day-to-day operations, never mind this overall sweep -- put themselves in situations where they could be in harm's way. And you have Ocasio-Cortez acting like these are storm troopers, acting like these are people who are not doing what they are actually doing which is enforcing federal law. No one denies that this is existing federal law. Members of Congress, who are doing all the virtue signaling about how we don't want to separate families -- Tucker, they separate families all the time for Medicare fraud, for not paying your taxes, for a whole bunch of things. But here federal law no longer counts. 

CARLSON: Americans, yes exactly. 

SEXTON: Americans. 

CARLSON: Americans -- millions of Americans are separated by force from their families because they fell afoul of some law. Right? I mean light a cigarette in an elevator and find out what happens to you. I don't know, you sort of wonder at a certain point if lawmakers are encouraging the population to ignore the law, how long does it take before everything falls apart?


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