Fox's Harris Faulkner worries that “if we call [migrants] refugees,” it could “help their asylum cases”

From the January 9 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

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LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY (CO-HOST): Katie brings up a really interesting point, which is about Mexico. And they don't have the resources to prop up the number of people who have been trying to enter the United States and who are stuck there at, you know, that particular juncture. So why not bring in the U.N.? You know, why not have -- and that was something that was talked about a couple months ago. 

MELISSA FRANCIS (CO-HOST): I think they tried that. Didn't they try that? 

MONTGOMERY: They did. But I think the UN, when you're talking about refugees and when you're talking about delivering aid to people who really are in a crisis, you have to -- 

HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): But if we call them refugees, doesn't that also help their asylum cases? 

KENNEDY: No, I mean -- 

KATIE PAVLICH (CO-HOST): They don't meet the standard.

KENNEDY: I don't think we have to get hung up, again, on another semantic distinction.

FAULKNER: I'm just asking.

KENNEDY: But I do think that if there are people and they are hungry, and they are sick, and they are immobile, then you have to send the U.N. in.


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