Tucker Carlson accuses MSNBC of intentionally inciting minorities into a “race war” against white people

Carlson: "The women, of course, are the key to reproducing the white race, which is clearly a threat”

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Citation From the October 19, 2022, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So it's not just whites, it's white women. "Their women are bad too!" The women, of course, are the key to reproducing the white race, which is clearly a threat, as she says again and again to you and your family. They're dangerous. They want to hurt you. 

Now, don't be fooled by the fact that Tiffany Cross can barely speak a coherent sentence -- she was a communications major, apparently according to the internet -- that didn't work. But the gist of it is very, very clear. White women are dangerous because white people are dangerous. They are, by the nature of their DNA, potential domestic terrorists.


Once again, calling out a specific race by name. Now, you have to wonder about the other anchors on MSNBC, some of whom are that race. Do they notice this? Do they know what's happening on their channel? Are they okay with this? What do you think happens if we continue to talk this way?

You may not watch that channel, but some people do. What does this look like in a year or five years or ten years? What kind of country do you live in? Well, we're a country at war with itself, a race war. 

This woman, Tiffany Cross, whose clips you've been watching, is so deranged by a racialist world view that she believes all people of one color are oppressed by all people of another color.