Right-Wing Media Discourage Young Women From Voting

Conservative media personalities have discouraged young women from voting as the midterm elections near, claiming that they are “too dumb to vote.”

Conservative Media Argue Young Women Shouldn't Vote

Fox's Kimberly Guilfoyle: Young Women Shouldn't Exercise Civic Duties Because “They Don't Get It.” During the October 21 edition of Fox News' The Five, the co-hosts discussed the impact of women voters in the upcoming midterm elections. After co-host Greg Gutfeld suggested that young women lack the wisdom to vote as conservatives, Kimberly Guilfoyle suggested that they should be excused  from jury duty, because they lack life experience and just “don't get it.” Instead, she said, they should “go back on Tinder or Match.com.” [Fox News, The Five10/21/14]

Fox's Tucker Carlson: “Do You Want Your Government Run By People Whose Favorite Show Is Say Yes [To The Dress]?” During the October 2 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered, network host Tucker Carlson criticized a Republican campaign to encourage young women to vote Republican by asking whether or not the young women targeted by the ad should vote at all:

CARLSON: I don't think as a general matter you should be encouraging people who don't know anything about what they're voting for to vote. That's what the Democrats do, giving Newports to the homeless to get them to the polls. That's literally true. Republicans shouldn't follow suit on that. You shouldn't pander to people. Tell us what the candidates are for, what they're against. Attack the other guy, that's fair too. I'm all for attack ads, but you're targeting people -- you're targeting people who are watching Say Yes To The Dress? You want your government run by people ... who's favorite show is Say Yes To The Dress. [Fox News, Outnumbered, 10/2/14]

National Review Online: Five Reasons Young Women “Are Too Dumb To Vote.” In a September 28 post challenging Lena Dunham for encouraging young women to vote in an article for Planned Parenthood Action Fund, NRO's Kevin D. Williamson provided his “Five Reasons Why You're Too Dumb To Vote.” Calling voting a “shallow gesture of citizenship” which women use to say “I want,” Williamson urged those who do not agree with his political values to not vote at all:

I would like to suggest, as gently as I can, that if you are voting as an act of self-gratification, if you do not understand the role that voting in fact plays in a constitutional republic, and if you need Lena Dunham to tell you why and how you should be voting -- you should not vote. If you get your politics from actors and your news from television comedians -- you should not vote. There's no shame in it, your vote is statistically unlikely to affect the outcome of an election, and there are many much more meaningful ways to serve your country and your fellow man: Volunteer at a homeless shelter; join the Marine Corps; become a nun; start a business. [National Review Online, 9/29/14, via Media Matters]

Fox's Harris Faulkner: Do We Want Young People To Vote “If They Don't Know The Issues?” On the October 8 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered, co-host Harris Faulkner responded to Rock The Vote's "#TurnOutForWhat" campaign by questioning whether or not young people should vote “if they don't know the issues.”  [Fox News, Outnumbered10/8/14