Media outlets have debunked Rudy Giuliani's conspiracy theories. Ignoring that, Tucker Carlson now demands new investigations.

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Citation From the November 19, 2020, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Is any of that provable, is it true? Well, we should find out, and not because Michigan is a swing state. Voter fraud is a direct attack on our democracy, but the media don't want to know, they're not interested.

If you watched the coverage after the press conference today, you saw credentialed reporters, some of whom we know and like, actually, refuse even to acknowledge it.

No mention whatsoever of the contents of what they described as, quote, "what he says are sworn affidavits" -- what he says? Well, why don't you check? Giuliani says that this affidavit from Detroit has been made public, but they can't be bothered to check.

Instead they launch into editorials about how dishonest and crazy Rudy Giuliani is, as if their job was to rebut Rudy Giuliani, but that's not their job.

Their job is to explain what just happened, preferably with some details so that viewers at home can make up their minds. They didn't do that.

Behavior like this does not help anyone, it diminishes the news media's tiny remaining reserve of credibility, it certainly doesn't inform the public.