Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton tells Tucker Carlson that Trump should pardon everyone “caught up in Mueller’s web”

Fitton: “We're just talking about relatively minor crimes”

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Citation From the August 28 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight: 

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): If you're Roger Stone and you're 67 years old and facing life in prison because you've been accused of lying to investigators, not about anything of substance, but just -- you lied, they claimed, how can you look over at these guys who lied in the course of actually wrecking the country and watch them get away and think this is justice? Like how does that work?

TOM FITTON (GUEST): It doesn't work. And if I were the president, I would be pardoning people like Stone in a heartbeat, Flynn, the rest of them caught up in Mueller's web. And we're just talking about relatively minor crimes compared to this seditious coup that took place and the illegal spying on President Trump.