Infowars host: Tucker Carlson and Rep. Matt Gaetz “agree with the things we say and they probably like us”

Roger Stone: “I think the brass at Fox have a general order that no one is allowed to go on Infowars” because they “view us as competition”

From the February 13 edition of Genesis Communications Network's The Alex Jones Show:

CALLER: I have a request and a question, but first I just wanted to say around my house at 8 p.m. it's Tucker [Carlson] time. That's because I sit the family around the TV and we watch Tucker Carlson as he takes on all the libtards like Adam Schiffhead and Eric Swallowswell but I got a say whenever he mentions Alex Jones' name it's always in the negative. It's always tin foil head or conspiracy theory or something like that. I'm really getting annoyed with it because Tucker Carlson, believe it or not, should thank Alex Jones because if it wasn't for him having him on that time a couple of years ago for about an hour-long --

OWEN SHROYER (CO-HOST): Yeah, he was in studio here.

CALLER: Yeah, yeah, people would not know Tucker and he would not be in the position he is in and I know he's listening because he goes on and he repeats a lot of the stuff that he hears on here. So Tucker, if you're going to say his name, be positive or just keep his name out of your mouth because people like me are getting tired of it. 


ROGER STONE (CO-HOST): The irony of this, of course, is -- I happen to know this for an absolute fact -- Tucker Carlson really likes Alex Jones and he respects him. So I don't think he says these things with any animosity. That said, I think the brass at Fox have a general order that no one is allowed to go on Infowars. Why? They view us as competition, even though we don't view them as competition, we view them as comrades in the greater fight for freedom.


CALLER: OK, that's great but I believe I probably caught every episode and I certainly saw you on there. You had a great appearance on there but whenever he mentions Alex Jones it's always tin foil hat conspiracy theory --

SHROYER: Well, and I'll just say too, to me, it's like the same thing that happened to [Rep.] Matt Gaetz [(R-FL)] when he got set up on CNN by Jake Tapper, who -- Matt Gaetz just unloads a litany of facts about the Clinton paid for dossier and everything and then Jake Tapper says, “Yeah well you went on the Alex Jones Show," as if that somehow discounts all the facts that he just laid out. And Matt Gaetz was like, “Look I don't agree with Alex on everything but hey he's got an audience, he's a real person. Why can't I talk to him?”

STONE: Yeah, I guess when you go on CNN, does that mean you agree on everything that Jake Tapper or Wolf Blitzer said? Of course not. We're a news network here. We have guests that we don't agree with on everything but they're interesting, they're newsworthy, and they have a point of view which is why we bring them here. 

SHROYER: I guess I would say this to you, Josh: if Fox or Tucker or anyone -- and I have no beef with Tucker or Matt Gaetz, if they want to talk trash on Infowars because I don't think they believe it at the end of the day. I think they agree with the things we say and they probably like us but if that's what they do or that's what they have to do or whatever the case is then that's fine because that only draws more people to us at the end of the day. Because we're not getting involved with infighting with Tucker or Fox or Matt Gaetz or anyone. We like what they do and we will support them as long as they support America.     


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