“Hollywood Asshole”: The Celebrities Conservative Media Went After In 2015

Right-wing media spent much of 2015 lashing out at celebrities. From seething over celebrities who spoke out against sexism and pay inequality in Hollywood and supported the Black Lives Matter movement, to objectifying female bodies, bashing the Pope, and telling an actress to “deport herself,” Media Matters looks back at some of conservative media's most outrageous temper tantrums of 2015:

Lashing Out At “Crybaby, Hollywood Asshole” Jennifer Lawrence For Publicly Discussing Her Personal Experience With The Hollywood Gender Pay Gap

Breitbart News: Jennifer Lawrence Is A “Spoiled, Left-Wing, Crybaby, Hollywood Asshole” For Writing About Pay Inequality. Breitbart news' John Nolte commented on Lawrence's essay by calling the actress “just another spoiled, left-wing, crybaby, Hollywood asshole” and saying she “blames America for her personal inadequacies.” Nolte criticized Lawrence for “judg[ing] her own self-worth with a pay check” and wrote that she should “go to the library, crack open a book, and read about how much better women were treated in your industry” when “conservative republicans ran everything”:

Jennifer Lawrence is 25 years old, one of the few remaining genuine movie stars left in America, rich beyond human comprehension, talented beyond belief, a genetic lottery winner, an Oscar winner, and now, thanks to the influence of rape-hoaxer Lena Dunham, Lawrence is just another spoiled, left-wing, crybaby, Hollywood asshole.


What happened to the strong, talented, independent, decent Jennifer Lawrence? What kind of values are these that she now judges her own self-worth with a pay check as opposed to issues of conscience regarding and caring for her personal and professional relationships?

And naturally, Lena Dunham's LawrencePuppet blames America for her personal inadequacies. At no time will LawrencePuppet be allowed to acknowledge The Truth -- that the industry in which she works is run exclusively by LEFTISTS, and has been for 50 years.

LawrencePuppet will not be allowed to show the moral courage required to say out loud what we all know is the truth: That if she is being screwed, she is being screwed by supporters of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Hey J-Law, if you can get over yourself and away from PredatorDunham, go to the library, crack open a book, and read about how much better women were treated in your industry during the studio era when “patriarchal” conservative Republicans ran everything with an iron fist. You know, the pre-feminist era. [Breitbart News, 10/13/15]

RedState: Jennifer Lawrence's Discussion Of Pay Inequality Was “A Bratty Display” And An Example Of How “Claims Of Pay Inequality Are Oftentimes Not The Complete Story.” RedState dismissed pay inequality in light of Lawrence's essay, calling it a “bratty display from a wealthy youngster” and claiming that “it is illegal to pay a woman less than a man solely based on gender” and that other “factors” are actually at play instead:

I remember my reaction included an eye-roll and probably a yawn. The Patricia Arquettes, Jennifer Lawrences, and Gwyneth Paltrows of the world (who once said “I am who I am. I can't pretend to be somebody who makes $25,000 a year”), are not mouthpieces for regular women. What's more, they muddy the discussion by appealing only to emotion, not facts. It is illegal to pay a woman less than a man solely based on gender. (See The Equal Pay Act of 1963.) Factors such as education, experience, ability, skill, and availability will all impact someone's salary. In the case of comparing men vs. women in the real world, much of the pay inequality outcry looks at the life of a career, sees a woman makes less, and outrage ensues. Over the life of a career, though, a woman's time on the job may be much less, as family and maternity responsibilities call her away.


I scanned the Lenny's Letter post Jennifer did recently, and I'm just not seeing any mention of this pay disparity over her male costar for this movie. Hmm. It's almost as if she speaks out on “inequality” when it best suits her and her agenda. As for the pay inequality she raged on about recently, it concerns the movie American Hustle. I saw this movie, and Jennifer is most definitely in fewer scenes than the male actors. So, maybe she was paid just for the work she did? Not sure about you, Middle American, but that sounds fair to me.

Not only is Jennifer Lawrence's complaint a bratty display from a wealthy youngster, but it highlights that claims of pay inequality are oftentimes not the complete story, and Hollywood is the least appropriate voice on the subject. [RedState.com, 10/17/15]

New York Post: Jennifer Lawrence Used “Fuzzy Math When She Griped That She Was The Victim Of Sexism” And Pay Inequality. In an October 19 article, the New York Post's Page Six gossip section dismissed the role of the gender pay gap in Lawrence's career, instead attributing the discrepancy to “fuzzy math”:

Jennifer Lawrence, the world's highest-paid actress, used fuzzy math when she griped that she was the victim of sexism and didn't earn as much as her male co-stars in “American Hustle,” it was reported Sunday.

The 25-year-old Oscar winner came to the project late in the game and worked half as many days as co-stars Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper, according to the Web site Deadline.

Lawrence also failed to note the handsome windfall that followed the hit film, which snagged 10 Oscar nominations and increased her cachet with its success, the site said. She scored big time afterward, including netting $20 million for the sci-fi adventure “Passengers” out next year -- or an estimated $5 million to $7 million more than her male co-star, Chris Pratt. [New York Post, 10/19/15]

Objectifying Female Celebrities' Bodies And Demeaning Their Appearances

Fox's Howard Kurtz: Lena Dunham “Spends A Lot Of Time On The Screen Not Wearing Any Clothes.” On the September 27 edition of Fox News' Media Buzz, host Howard Kurtz discussed TV writer and actress Lena Dunham's interview with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by first describing the actress's state of dress on the HBO series Girls:

HOWARD KURTZ: And, released this week, a sit-down between Hillary Clinton and Lena Dunham, who is the star and creator of HBO's Girls and spends a lot of time on the screen not wearing any clothes. Let's take a look at that one. [Fox News, Media Buzz, 9/27/15]

Fox's Chris Wallace: Kelly Clarkson "Could Stay Off The Deep Dish Pizza." On the April 3 edition of Salem Radio Network's The Mike Gallagher Show, Fox News host Chris Wallace advised singer Kelly Clarkson to “stay off the deep dish pizza” after host Mike Gallagher exclaimed “holy cow, did she blow up.” Both Wallace and Gallagher have since publicly apologized for their comments:

MIKE GALLAGHER: Listen, don't fat shame me. You do a lot of fat shaming. That's the new phrase now. Fat shaming. Have you seen Kelly Clarkson? You know the singer, Kelly Clarkson? Holy cow, did she blow up.

CHRIS WALLACE: Really? Do we want to talk about some of your friends?

GALLAGHER: Well, look at me. I got some weight issues. I could take a little bit of weight off.


WALLACE: Well why are you -- Kelly Clarkson's got a lovely voice.

GALLAGHER: She's be -- I love her singing, but man, she's --

WALLACE: She could -- she could stay off the deep dish pizza for a little while -

GALLAGHER: Wow, she's --

WALLACE: -- but she's got a great voice. [Salem Radio Networks, The Mike Gallagher Show, 4/3/15]

Disparaging Olympic Athlete And Celebrity Caitlyn Jenner's Gender Transition

Limbaugh Slammed Beauty Product Advertisements Featuring Caitlyn Jenner As A “Freak Show.” On the June 3 edition of his radio program, Rush Limbaugh lamented that no one wanted to call endorsementdeals for beauty products featuring Caitlyn Jenner “what it is,” concluding “it's a freak show, folks”:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: The point of the story is, Bruce Jenner as a heterosexual Olympian, and as the father figure in the Kardashian clan, had a net worth of 100 million dollars. But Caitlyn Jenner is going to earn five hundred million dollars over the next ten years. That is the potential, that is the marketing potential that Caitlyn Jenner now has. Now what does that tell you? Five hundred - this is a guess, I mean it's a projection, based on people in the endorsement business and the makeup business. Can you wait to see the L'Oreal Commercials coming up, whatever it is, that they are going to be? Five hundred million dollars, it's a freak show, folks, it's a freak show. Nobody wants to call it what it is. What do you think the public -- do you -- I should ask. Is this monumental amount of attention, is it admiration, is it curiosity, is it approval, is it, gee I don't believe what I am seeing? How would you categorize this interest? All of the above? Because there is some approval in there, some encouragement, some freak show in there, some I don't believe what I'm looking at, some man is this cool, I don't know what else is going on in America but this finally something is exciting. There is the gawker aspect to it, but what do you think, what is the dominate? Which of those describes the - you think the majority of the public reaction is, I can't believe it? But I'm going to watch it because, damn, it's better than anything on TV. Except it will be on TV, except it is on TV. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Rush Limbaugh Show, 6/3/15]

Fox's Bill O'Reilly Insisted Caitlyn Jenner Is Male “From The Waist Down.” On the July 28 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly described transgender celebrity and Olympic athlete Caitlyn Jenner as a “he” from “the waist down”:

BILL O'REILLY: Okay, now, in California they have a gender identity situation. Alright. Gender identity. And if you go to college in a state college, you have six genders from whom to choose. You can choose any one of the six. Alright. So, gender identity. Roll the tape.


O'REILLY: Alright, so this loon wants to fine us if we mis-genderize. I don't even know what that means.

BERNARD MCGUIRK: Well, if you call Caitlyn Jenner 'he.' Then you'd get a $50,000 fine.

O'REILLY: Pardon me for this, but from the waist down, he is a he according to his genes, according to him.

MCGUIRK: That's true, that's true. Their goal - that is true, you're right.

O'REILLY: We have to be accurate here on The Factor. [Fox News, The O'Reilly Factor, 6/28/15]

Attacking Pope Francis During U.S. Visit For Talking About Climate Change, The Refugee Crisis, And Global Poverty

Fox's Andrew Napolitano: Pope Francis Is A “Communist” And A “Marxist.” On the September 15 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co., Fox's senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano called Pope Francis a “communist” and a “Marxist” for linking the Syrian refugee crisis to global poverty:

ANDREW NAPOLITANO: I am sighing because the Holy Father is a challenge for traditionalist Roman Catholics, of which I am one. Particularly, traditionalists who came of age under John Paul II and then under Benedict XVI. Who, though they had impulses that were not exactly Ayn Rand on capitalism, were far more into philosophy and theology, and far less into the economy ... This particular Pope, who has proclaimed himself a Peronist, is somewhere between a communist with a lowercase “c” and a Marxist with an uppercase “M.” At the same time he is trying to be a Roman Catholic -- uppercase “R,” uppercase “C.”


The Pope is infallible on faith in morals. Thank God it is just limited to faith and morals because he is, he is -- he sounds like a left-wing professor at the London School of Economics when he blames the mass migration on economic inequality. [Fox Business, Varney & Co., 9/15/15]

Fox's Brian Kilmeade Thought Pope Francis Shouldn't Visit The United States: “He's In The Wrong Country.” On the September 17 edition of Fox News Radio's Kilmeade & Friends, host Brian Kilmeade said that Pope Francis “could stay home” because "[s]ome of his comments just have no place. He's in the wrong country":

BRIAN KILMEADE: Yeah, I'm Catholic and he could stay home. Some of his comments just have no place. He's in the wrong country. But I tell you what --

CHRIS WALLACE (Fox News Sunday host): What? He's in the wrong country? What does that mean?

KILMEADE: He doesn't like capitalism. He blames us and money for what's going on in the Middle East. He says that global warming -- we've got to do more to have global warming -- we've doing more than anybody else. Get on China, show some courage. He's never visited our country before, now he gets around to it and he's critical going in? I have enough, you know -- take on, take on Islam, then talk to me.

WALLACE: The preceding comments were those, and all emails should be sent to Brian Kilmeade.

KILMEADE: Absolutely.

WALLACE: Kilmeade, Brian, bashes pope.

KILMEADE: Exactly. Bring it on.


KILMEADE: Tired of the pope. [Fox News Radio, Kilmeade & Friends, 9/17/15]

Wash. Post's George Will: “Americans Cannot Simultaneously Honor [The Pope] And Celebrate Their Nation's Premises.” In a September 18 opinion piece in The Washington Post, conservative columnist George Will criticized Pope Francis for his progressive positions, writing, "[H]e embraces ideas impeccably fashionable, demonstrably false and deeply reactionary." Will called the pope's “policy prescriptions ... as implausible as his social diagnoses are shrill” and argued that “Americans cannot simultaneously honor him and celebrate their nation's premises”:

Pope Francis embodies sanctity but comes trailing clouds of sanctimony. With a convert's indiscriminate zeal, he embraces ideas impeccably fashionable, demonstrably false and deeply reactionary. They would devastate the poor on whose behalf he purports to speak -- if his policy prescriptions were not as implausible as his social diagnoses are shrill.

Supporters of Francis have bought newspaper and broadcast advertisements to disseminate some of his woolly sentiments that have the intellectual tone of fortune cookies. One example: “People occasionally forgive, but nature never does.” The Vatican's majesty does not disguise the vacuity of this. Is Francis intimating that environmental damage is irreversible? He neglects what technology has accomplished regarding London's air (see Page 1 of Dickens's “Bleak House”) and other matters.

And the Earth is becoming “an immense pile of filth”? Hyperbole is a predictable precursor of yet another U.N. Climate Change Conference -- the 21st since 1995. Fortunately, rhetorical exhibitionism increases as its effectiveness diminishes. In his June encyclical and elsewhere, Francis lectures about our responsibilities, but neglects the duty to be as intelligent as one can be. This man who says “the Church does not presume to settle scientific questions” proceeds as though everything about which he declaims is settled, from imperiled plankton to air conditioning being among humanity's “harmful habits.” The church that thought it was settled science that Galileo was heretical should be attentive to all evidence.

Francis deplores “compulsive consumerism,” a sin to which the 1.3 billion persons without even electricity can only aspire. He leaves the Vatican to jet around praising subsistence farming, a romance best enjoyed from 30,000 feet above the realities that such farmers yearn to escape.


Secular people with anti-Catholic agendas drain his prestige, a dwindling asset, into promotion of policies inimical to the most vulnerable people and unrelated to what once was the papacy's very different salvific mission.

He stands against modernity, rationality, science and, ultimately, the spontaneous creativity of open societies in which people and their desires are not problems but precious resources. Americans cannot simultaneously honor him and celebrate their nation's premises. [Washington Post, 9/18/15]

Limbaugh Called The Pope A “Clown” For Criticizing “Unfettered Capitalism.” On the July 10 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show, Limbaugh mocked the Pope's criticism of “unfettered capitalism,” calling him a clown:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Pope Francis is in Bolivia, and he's come out with another one of his anti-capitalism remarks. He said -- did you hear this, Don? Okay, well then you better be -- the Pope, Il Papa, the Vicar of Christ, said that unfettered capitalism is the devil's dung. Now, in the first place, would somebody find for me anywhere on this planet where there is, at this very moment, unfettered capitalism taking place? You can't because there isn't. And I would go so far as to say that the United States doesn't even have half-baked capitalism going on right now. But unfettered? What is unfettered? Have you ever heard of unfettered socialism? Have you ever heard of unfettered communism? Have you ever heard of unfettered Marxism? What is this unfettered capitalism?


LIMBAUGH: The closest we've had to what the Pope and these clowns are talking about his the Reagan years, and look what happened. Look at the economic boom that lasted practically 20 years. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Rush Limbaugh Show, 7/10/15]

Accusing Amy Schumer Of Opportunism After She Spoke Out Against Gun Violence

Breitbart News Writer: Amy Schumer Spoke Out Against Gun Violence To “Advance Her Career.” Breitbart News' John Nolte attacked comedian Amy Schumer for promoting gun violence prevention legislation after a shooting in a Louisiana movie theater during a screen of her movie Trainwreck. During the August 3 edition of the National Rifle Association's radio show Cam & Company, Nolte slammed Schumer's call for gun safety measures, calling it “an opportunity ... to maybe increase her box office over the weekend” that indicates a lack of “moral courage”:

JOHN NOLTE: The thing that's really happening here is that, she got in trouble because of some politically incorrect jokes that she made. And now she has got to take that movie star step of showing that she is part of the collective. So, going after guns is a very easy and cheap way for her to do that. It doesn't help that her cousin is a major U.S. senator, probably the next leader of the Democrats. And that's all that's going on here. I mean this isn't going to go anywhere. It's Hollywood politics coming together and slapping each other on the back to take away our rights.


NOLTE: I just see her exploiting it. I think she saw it as a great opportunity. You know, this occurred at my movie, now the focus is on me and what can I do to enhance my career.

CAM EDWARDS: I'm not - Look, I'm always willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt. And I wouldn't necessarily see this as just a reason to further your career. I would just hope that the -- the thinking here needs to be - I always get concerned when it's, we need to do something as opposed to we need to do something that works.

NOLTE: That's all it is. She's not putting any thought into it. If she had any moral courage and she actually cared about what happened, she would come out and she would say, listen putting a sign in a movie theater that says no one inside is armed, that this is a gun free zone, is stupid. She has the power to do that. She could make jokes about how stupid these gun free zones are. And where this terrible shooting occurred was in a gun free zone. But she doesn't have the moral courage to do that, so she's just towing the line, and she's dressing up like she's a grown up, and she's just exploiting the situation because it's an opportunity for her to maybe increase her box office over the weekend. I just, to me it is cowardly, it is trite, it is clichéd. There is obviously a real solution to solve these problems. Even if she wanted to do what the NRA did and say, maybe, you know we've had two movie theater shootings, maybe we need to put armed guards in these places. Something like that. But it's just the same clichéd nonsense that's not going to do any good, attached to background checks. She's not thinking, she's just trying to please the right people to enhance her career. And she also, there's a lot of Oscar talk around her movie, and that probably has something to do with it too. You go to Angelina Jolie route so everybody suddenly starts to take you seriously. I just, all I see is cynicism behind it. [NRA News, Cam & Company, 8/3/15]

Lampooning Celebrities For Supporting Black Lives Matter And Speaking Out Against Police Brutality

Fox Host: Is CBS' Stephen Colbert “Going To Have An Arm Full Of Different Wristbands For Every Skin Color?” On the September 13 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Sunday, co-hosts Tucker Carlson and Anna Kooiman blasted CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert for wearing a Black Lives Matter wristband. Carlson called him “so totally out of touch he doesn't fully understand what that represents”:

TUCKER CARLSON: So it's possible [Colbert] is so rich, famous, a celebrity guy, so totally out of touch he doesn't fully understand what that represents. But here is my concern, obviously Stephen Colbert is a talented character, but there is also a strain of self-righteousness in his comedy. I don't think it -- I mean, do you really want to get into this your first week on air, diving face first into the most divisive social movement in America?

ANNA KOOIMAN: It is very divisive, there is no doubt about that, but there are a lot of supporters for this group. The problem with this group is that there are so many different factions, right? I mean, I don't think Stephen Colbert, at least I hope, isn't supporting the same group that says, “Fry like bacon, pigs in a blanket,” and, “What do we want dead cops? What do we want right now?”

CLAYTON MORRIS: Or the Black Lives Matter group yesterday we reported on down there that attacked that one guy's truck because he had “Blue Lives Matter” on it, they ripped up the truck and spray painted it. Chances are Stephen Colbert does not support that side.


KOOIMAN: Or the group that makes Martin O'Malley get off stage, or Bernie Sanders get booed off stage. Is it that group or --

CARLSON: It's the idea -- it's all of them.

KOOIMAN: -- or is it the group that has some viable grievances that they feel like they need to have addressed?

CARLSON: It's the idea behind all the groups, and that is that you divide people on the basis of their skin color and say, “This one group of people's lives matter.” Everybody's life matters. Period.

MORRIS: So is he going to have an arm full of different wristbands for every skin color? Let us know what you think about this, friends@foxnews.com.

KOOIMAN: And real quick, later in the show we have a guest coming on from the 20/20 Leaders of America, it's 20 Republicans and 20 Democrats trying to go against the Black Lives Matter group and try to express some of the grievances in a more peaceful way. [Fox News, Fox & Friends Sunday, 9/13/15]

Fox's Kimberly Guilfoyle: Film Director Quentin Tarantino's Comments On Police Brutality Could Incite “Violence Towards Police Officers.” On the October 26 edition of Fox News' The Five, host Kimberly Guilfoyle questioned director Quentin Tarantino's motives in speaking out against police brutality, calling his comments “disgraceful” and “out of touch with decency and respect”:

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: Well, it does seem that it's kind of filled with artifice. Like what is his real motivation in going there? It didn't seem to me like this was something of like a pure motive. First of all, I don't think he should have done this whatsoever. I think it's disgraceful.


GUILFOYLE: It's so out of touch with decency and respect.

GREG GUTFELD: Four days after a New York City cop was shot and killed.

GUILFOYLE: Right, and a guy knowing he has this kind of, you know, influence and reach with his the popularity of his films should really have a little bit better of a moral compass about right and wrong and the influence that he might have. The type of presence that he has showing up at something like this could, in fact, engender more violence towards police officers. And so he has to take that responsibility very seriously. [Fox News, The Five, 10/26/15]

National Review Called Quentin Tarantino “Overrated” After His Comments At A Black Lives Matter Rally. National Review's David French claimed director Quentin Tarantino used the Black Lives Matter rally and his remarks on police brutality to make “much needed headlines” before the release of his movie, The Hateful Eight:

Quentin Tarantino is getting exactly what he wants. Over the last two weeks, he's made much-needed headlines for saying Hollywood-leftist things at a Black Lives Matter rally in New York City -- conveniently inserting himself into the news before the release of his latest inevitably-terrible move, The Hateful Eight. Police groups are boycotting, and each new round of boycott and response is generating yet another day's worth of headlines, with each story conveniently mentioning his new movie. Congratulations, Quentin, you're an excellent troll. [National Review, 11/5/15]

Lambasting Shonda Rhimes' Scandal After Lead Character Gets An Abortion

Breitbart Slammed ABC For “Celebrat[ing] Dead Babies” After Scandal Episode. Breitbart News' Ben Shapiro called the television industry “vile” after a Scandal episode portrayed main character Olivia Pope having an abortion. He went on to call the episode a “gross” “violation of the unspoken compact between entertainers and their audiences”:

How vile is the television industry? They won't just promote toleration of abortion. They won't just promote abortion itself. They will sanctify abortion, turn it into a sacred rite of passage.


Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the show and a television icon, is a major fan of abortion. In 2011, one of her Gray's Anatomy characters had an abortion; Rhimes justified that decision by saying that the character would have had an abortion, and that it was better for the character to have an abortion rather than resenting her child. Adoption apparently never crossed Rhimes' mind; better to just off the baby. At the time, she lied in interviews, “I don't think it's about the agenda,” although she added that one of the pro-life characters in Private Practice was “viciously” pro-life.


It's gross, and it is a violation of the unspoken compact between entertainers and their audiences. Decent people ought to tune out of Shonda Rhimes' leftist tripe. [Breitbart News, 11/20/15]

Rush Limbaugh Outraged Over “Literally Sickening” Scandal Episode. On the November 20 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show, Limbaugh criticized the episode as a “tribute to Planned Parenthood,” and calls the scene “genuinely, literally sickening”:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Scandal has jumped the shark. Did you see Scandal last night? Anybody in there see Scandal last night? Have you ever seen -- have you ever watched Scandal? Oh you never have, oh, OK. Well, Kerry Washington is the star-ette, and she plays a major Washington, D.C. fixer named Olivia Pope, styled after an actual person. And anyway, for the entirety of the series, she's had a running affair with the sitting president, A.J. Fitzgerald, whatever the hell his name is. And I haven't seen any episodes this season -- I've got them TiVo'd, but I think they jumped the shark a time ago. It's gotten beyond the -- so far out it's entertaining still enough to watch phase for me. But apparently last night, she got pregnant by way of the sitting president, A.J. Fitzgerald -- or Fitz or whatever his name is, who cares -- and she has an abortion to the tune of “Silent Night.” Yup, she has an abortion, and it's glorified, it's celebrated, it's heralded. She has an abortion smiling. It's appealing to Planned Parenthood, it's a tribute to Planned Parenthood, I mean it's just sickening apparently. And she has an abortion, and laying on the table with the actual abortion taking -- and camera shots showing you what it would look like as the doctor's making the move from behind her head [hums “Silent Night”] -- there's a couple other things added to it, apparently it's just sickening. I mean just genuinely, literally sickening. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Rush Limbaugh Show, 11/2/15]

Townhall's Brent Bozell Slammed Rhimes' Portrayal of Abortion On Scandal As “Pure Evil.” Townhall's Brent Bozell called the scene's juxtaposition between an abortion procedure and “Silent Night” “pure evil”:

Some pro-abortion feminists recently denounced Hollywood for not producing TV and movie plots wherein the unborn baby is dispatched with zero remorse. It doesn't get more extremist than this. While Hollywood is without question virtually (but not entirely) unanimous in its pro-choice sentiments, even when the abortion option is selected, rarely is it selected without personal angst for the simple reason that there is angst -- unless you're devoid of a soul and a conscience.

That cry for saccharine pro-abortion propaganda was satisfied on Nov. 18 by ABC's Thursday night drama “Scandal.” Not only did the central character, Olivia Pope, abort the baby conceived from her affair with the president of the United States, but had it performed while a gospel choir sang “Silent Night” over the scene. A song celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus couldn't be more deliberately inappropriate for an abortion scene, designed to deliver the greatest imaginable offense to Christianity.

We will say it: It is pure evil. [Townhall.com, 11/27/15]

Calling NFL Players Mike Ditka and Brett Favre A “Wussy” For Speaking Out About Football-Related Concussions

Fox's Eric Bolling Called NFL Hall Of Famer Mike Ditka “A Wussy” For Speaking Out About The Risk Of Incurring A Concussion As A Football Player. On the January 21 edition of Fox News' The Five, co-host Eric Bolling slammed former football coach Mike Ditka as “a wussy” for saying he wouldn't allow his young son to play football. Ditka explained that the “risk is worse than the reward,” but Bolling attributed his stance to the “wussification of America”:

ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): Wussification of America continues, sadly this one hits close to home for me. One of football's greatest players and then coach saying that, if he had a son now, he wouldn't let him play football.


I spent many a sub-zero Sunday afternoon at Soldiers Field. I watched you, Mike Ditka, crush linebackers on your blocks, run over d-backs and now you're afraid of the game. Don't be a wussy, Iron Mike. [Fox News, The Five, 1/21/15]

Fox's Eric Bolling Called Former NFL Quarterback Brett Favre A “Wussies” For Discussing His Football Injuries. On the April 23 edition of Fox News' The Five, Eric Bolling called former NFL players Brett Favre and Mike Ditka “wuss[ies]” after both said they would not let their sons play football because of potential head injuries. Bolling accused the two of “just trying to stay relevant”:

ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): There is so much wrong with this segment. First of all, its $1 billion over 65 years, that's almost $16 million a year. The NFL is one of the strongest brands if not the strongest brand in --

DANA PERINO (CO-HOST): But they're non-profit.

BOLLING: Hold on, hold on. They make $9 billion a year. 16-15 million, they're going laugh at that. By the way, they'll pass all that cost down to the advertisers. And then we ask a current player, and he's a punter, about concussions? Come on, guys. And Mike Ditka and Brett Favre, you know you let your boys play football. I certainly would.


BOLLING: Wussies, wussies. [Fox News, The Five, 4/23/15]

Telling Emily Blunt To “Deport Herself” For Negative Comments About Becoming A U.S. Citizen After Watching The GOP Debate

Fox & Friends Hosts Told Emily Blunt To “Leave Hollywood” After She Expressed Reservations About Becoming An U.S. Citizen. On the September 15 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, guest host Anna Kooiman suggested the British-born actress “leave Hollywood” after Blunt said she was “not sure I'm entirely thrilled” about becoming a U.S. citizen after watching the Fox News Republican presidential primary debate. Co-host Brian Kilmeade echoed Kooiman and claimed the actress had “Dixie-Chicked herself” and alienated half the country:

ANNA KOOIMAN: She goes on to say this about becoming an American citizen, 'I'm not sure I'm entirely thrilled about it. People ask me about the whole day. They were like, oh it must have been so emotional. I was like it wasn't, it was sad. I like being British.' Well you know what, then why don't you leave Hollywood, California, and let some American women take on the roles that you're getting, because Americans are watching your movies and lining your pockets. She's been in movies like Devil Wears Prada --

BRIAN KILMEADE: Actually, I agree with you, Anna, too. She went on to say, 'It's weird. I get to keep both my British citizenship, you have to renounce the queen, so it's kind of typically American. Not to be rude, but I had to renounce her in the room but I don't actually technically renounce her. They were like, 'Just say it. You don't have to mean it, just say it.' Why is that typical American? By the way, she lived with Michael Buble in Vancouver and then married John Krasinski, who was very good on The Office.

STEVE DOOCY: You know what Emily Blunt just did? She just Dixie Chicked herself. She has alienated half the country, that now will think twice about going to one of her movies.


KILMEADE: I'm sure she -- ok, well congratulations. You're an American citizen and you're very unhappy. Do you believe -- will Emily Blunt's feelings about American citizenship blunt the way you feel about her movies? [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 9/15/15]

Breitbart News Called On Actress Emily Blunt To “Deport Herself.” Following Blunt's comments about her U.S. citizenship and the Republican debate, Breitbart News' Kipp Jones recommended that Blunt “should deport herself,” writing that “Blunt should have just said it bluntly: Americans are stupid, the idea of American exceptionalism is ignorant, and challenging the platform of the Democratic Party is racist”:

While filming a segment with other stars for The Hollywood Reporter at the Toronto International Film Festival this past weekend, British-born actress Emily Blunt said she regretted becoming a U.S. citizen after watching the Aug. 6 Fox News Republican debate.

While the actress did not expound on her anti-GOP comment, a number of statements made by her since she gained citizenship, along with her admiration for President Obama, tells us that in just six weeks, Blunt has already accepted in her own mind what most on the Left have been advocating for years: America is not an exceptional country, and the Republican Party is to blame for everything.


Blunt should have just said it bluntly: Americans are stupid, the idea of American exceptionalism is ignorant, and challenging the platform of the Democratic Party is racist.

While most naturalized citizens would describe the feeling of coming in through the front door as one of the greatest in their lives, Emily Blunt couldn't wait to use her fame to rip half the country.

With a total of 11 Republican presidential debates on the schedule for 2016, the next of which will air this Wednesday on CNN in two rounds, starting at 6pm ET, Mrs. Blunt might feel compelled to head back to where she came from before March 10, and she absolutely should.

#EmilyGoHome. [Breitbart.com, 9/15/15]