Fox’s Tucker Carlson: Transgender Equality Is A "Solution In Search Of A Problem”

Carlson: “The Democratic Leadership With Its Obsessions Over Transgender Bathrooms … They’re On Another Planet” 

From the May 10 edition of Courtside Entertainment Group's The Laura Ingraham Show

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Now, effectively, any locality, any business owner, any state that has this crazy idea of bathrooms for biological gender. They’re the equivalent of taking rubber hoses on black people, water cannons, Bull Connor. It’s all the same. It’s just all the same. There’s no differentiation at all. The civil rights to go to the bathroom where you feel like going to the bathroom, wherever you want to go, in any restroom, is tantamount to Brown v. Board of Education. Those who would resist the integration of little black children and little white children. Now, these are the people, by the way, who will also say, as Obama did at his Howard University commencement speech, that people who disagree with you – so, Barack Obama said at his graduation speech that it’s good to be with people who disagree with you. But that doesn’t count. To actually have people go to the bathroom in places where their biological gender would direct them to. That doesn’t count. Those are bad people who believe that.


TUCKER CARLSON: Laura, I’m standing here in my office cheering. I love what you just said.

INGRAHAM: Oh my god.

CARLSON: Because it’s totally true. And by the way this is the central problem with the left. Everything is the civil rights movement. It’s the only thing that ever happened in history. And by the way I’m, it goes without saying, for the civil rights movement. Absolutely necessary and morally just. But if it’s the template for all future action what does it tell you? It tells you that progress only comes through breaking down barriers, which isn’t strictly speaking true. Progress comes from breaking down barriers, of course, but it also comes from achievement. From doing things worth doing. From making life better. And they have a very stunted view, and so the idea is there always needs to be a new frontier in this movement to breaking down barriers, and it leads them into like nutcake land with this transgender bathroom stuff. First of all, this is a problem in search of a solution. Or a solution in search of a problem. There was no epidemic of bigotry against transgendered kids trying to use bathrooms. It’s totally made up. It’s a boutique issue of interest to a small group of Democratic donors. And it speaks not at all to the average person whose real concerns, as [Donald] Trump and Bernie [Sanders] have shown, are like things like wages. Can I get a decent job? They’re so out of touch. As out of touch as the Republican leadership is, and they are, the Democratic leadership with its obsessions over transgender bathrooms and global warming. I mean, they’re on another planet.

INGRAHAM: Well, and once they can redirect the conversation to transgender bathrooms, you’re not talking about the fact that we’ve had literally no growth. At .4 percent GDP, Reagan had an average of 4.6 percent GDP in 1983. When Obama a couple days ago said “we’re better off than we were in 1983.” I said what? What economic measure are we better off than 1983? What are you talking about?

CARLSON: It’s also inherently undemocratic. When you frame every political debate as a moral referendum, you don’t have to pay attention to what actual voters want. So actual voters are totally opposed to transgendered bathrooms. They’re totally opposed to admitting large numbers of Muslim immigrants by the way. You’d never know that, but there was a poll yesterday that showed even in swing states like Wisconsin. Not a right-wing state. 65 percent of voters, obviously a lot of Democrats, think we need a pause on Muslim immigration. You would never know that because the press considers it so beyond the moral pale. You’re not even allowed to have that view without being a Klansman, they don't report it, so if politicians can claim that anyone who is on my side is morally just, anyone who opposes me is Hitler, then they don’t have to pay any attention at all to what the people they're supposed to be representing think. It’s scary.


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