Fox's Tucker Carlson: Ted Cruz Has Been Successful Because He “Changed His Message” To Sound More Like Trump

Carlson: “Ted Cruz May Wind Up Being The Nominee” Because “He Looked At Trump And Said What's The Secret Sauce?”

From the March 8 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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MARTHA MACCALLUM (HOST): It's pretty amazing when you look at this, right? You've got, who would have ever thought that this is where we would be a year ago? You've got Donald Trump in the first spot, populist candidate, appealing to a lot of people. Ted Cruz and then you've got Marco Rubio, both sort of born out of the tea party. And it really leaves the GOP establishment, with the exception of John Kasich who of course claims that label doesn't fit him either, the rest of it is in the dust, you know. I remember Jeb Bush being accused of being sleeping on the stage and in many ways that's sort of an accurate look at the entire part, that whole part of the party.

TUCKER CARLSON: Yeah, it's over. The establishment lost. Marco Rubio, John Kasich are not going to be the Republican nominees. The nominee will be the guy with the most delegates. Period. It is a populist year. There is no other way to do it. Nothing else will happen other than that. And to pretend otherwise is delusional and reckless and stupid. This didn't need to happen, by the way. If Republican donors and Republicans in Washington had looked at Trump six months ago and said maybe there's something to learn here and adjusted their message a little bit -- they don't have to become nutcase populists but just said look, you know, all of our decisions are going to be based on what's good for America. We're going to control our borders like a real country does. We're going to have an immigration policy that's good for us, a trade policy that's good for us. And, by the way, we're going to apologize for the Iraq War and promise never to do that again. That's not a heavy lift. Those aren't hard things to do. Ted Cruz did that. Ted Cruz, one of the reasons that Ted Cruz may wind up being the nominee is he because he didn't try to destroy Trump. He looked at Trump and said what's the secret sauce? Maybe I can take that.


CARLSON: And he did. He changed his message a little bit, not that much, but a little bit, and it worked. That's the key.


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