Fox's Megyn Kelly Calls Ted Cruz "The True Conservative" In The Republican Primary

Fox's Megyn Kelly Calls Ted Cruz "The True Conservative" In The Republican Primary

Kelly: "You Have ... The Cruz Lane, The True Conservative Lane"


From the February 16 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): What you have is Trump dominating in the polls in South Carolina as well and yet when you look at his national unfavorables, they're sky-high and you appear to have two-thirds of the Republican party that wants nothing to do with Donald Trump but is likely to see him as their nominee if things keep going the way they're going. 

BRIT HUME: Well, he's certainly on kind of a roll here, Megyn, and the win in New Hampshire gave him a lot of impetus coming into South Carolina where he was already ahead. The latest polls taken since that debate, that brawl on Saturday night, suggest that he has not been harmed by his performance in that debate, widely criticized though it was, and that his lead is basically holding. However, if you add up as you suggested a few minutes ago the number of votes or the amount of percentage of support for -- you take any three of that group of four who are basically vying for the same space in the race, which is to say Kasich, Bush, Rubio and Cruz, it well surpasses the support going to Donald Trump. But if this keeps up, Megyn, and he continues to win these primaries with these pluralities in the mid-30s, or about in the mid-30s, and we get to the point later on, a month or more from now when we're beginning to have the winner-take-all races where if you win by, you know you get 34 percent and win by one percentage point, you get all the delegates. He'd be on his way to simply taking the nomination easily. And that, of course, obviously worries Republican leaders and worries a lot of conservatives. 

KELLY: And these guys in the establishment lane, you have sort of have the Trump lane, the Cruz lane, true conservative lane, the Cruz, and then the last lane, which is the establishment guys, none of whom believe that they're out. They all believe that they still have a shot. And so if they -- 

HUME: Well, what -- 

KELLY: If that doesn't work out soon, Brit, their chances are getting weaker and weaker. 


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