Fox's Tucker Carlson: It's “Open To Debate” Whether Trump U. Is “More Of A Scam Than, Say, Princeton”

Carlson: “People Knew That Going In At The Beginning, They Know It Now” That Trump U. “Isn’t Wholly Legitimate”

From the June 1 edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier:

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BRET BAIER (HOST): Does this have legs, Tucker, and what about this whole dust up?

TUCKER CARLSON: Well, I mean, of course Trump University isn't wholly legitimate. Would you send your kids there? I don't think there's a single person who thinks “Trump U., I hope my children graduate from Trump U.” People knew that going in at the beginning, they know it now. By the way, is it much more of a scam than, say, Princeton? I don't know. That's open to debate. But yeah, sure. Will it change the mind of a single voter? Is there any person who said "oh I might vote Trump, oh Trump U. wasn't on the level? That's it, I'm voting for Hillary. Probably not. We've seen for the past year Trump getting a pass on these issues. People knowing who he is and they're supporting him anyway for reasons that have nothing to do with the details of his biography. 


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