Fox's Tucker Carlson: It's “Fascism” For Trump Protesters To Block Highways

Carlson: “So In The Name Of Combating Fascism They're Committing It.”

From the March 20 edition of Fox & Friends Sunday:

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ANNA KOOIMAN (CO-HOST): Just set the scene for us yesterday because these images are startling when you see the traffic snarls caused by these protesters, disrupters. 

SHERIFF PAUL BABEU: Well not only we had miles of backup of vehicles yet these protesters, we all appreciate and protect the First Amendment, freedom of speech and to rally, protest. Yet when you interfere with the public roads, you can't block traffic. They had vehicles across the road, they had lots of people even tying themselves to the vehicles. And they were given multiple warning by officers to clear the roadway, even given ten minutes, and they still didn't do that. So they were arrested. Three were arrested, and the rest got out of the way, and we had to tow a number of vehicles. 

TUCKER CARLSON (CO-HOST): Hm. So in the name of combating fascism they're committing it. Just to be clear since you're a law enforcement official, it's not legal to block the road even if you're protesting something, correct?

BABEU: Oh absolutely not. And that's where -- look, we even established places for people to hold peaceful rallies, because we don't want anybody to get injured. But you cant interfere or stop other people from holding a rally and you certainly can't impede traffic and that's what exactly what they did.


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