Fox’s Tucker Carlson: Extending Title IX Protections To Transgender People Is “Frivolous” 

Carlson: “Are There Millions Or Thousands Or Even Hundreds Of Transgender Students Facing Discrimination In Schools? No”

From the May 9 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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STEVE DOOCY (HOST): OK, so why now is the federal government making this push where they say we believe that these transgender people are protected by Title IX? 

TUCKER CARLSON: Well, that's a great question. Of course it's a lot easier than actually improving schools. This is frivolous. That's the main problem with it. It's a solution in search of a problem. Are there millions or thousands or even hundreds of transgender students facing discrimination in schools? No. Will the new transgendered bathrooms better prepare students to complete in the global economy? No. Will it rise wages of anyone? No. The Democratic Party used to represent average people, working people, wage earners. And now it's basically the enforcement arm of left-wing activist groups. I think dying on this hill, for the Democratic Party, is unwise because it doesn't speak to the actual needs or concerns of real people. 

DOOCY: One of the things that I read this morning was that the administration has not defined yet what transgender means specifically. And so up until now and going forward, it's pretty much you get to pick your own sex, right? 

CARLSON: Well that's exactly right. And this is what we haven't thought through, and the administration clearly hasn’t either. They haven't defined what transgender means. Your sex is what you say it is. Now first, that's a denial of biological reality, but it also has profound implications, not just for bathrooms or schools or sports teams, but also for the way the government allocates money. So the government gives out billions every year in grants and loans to, for example, women-owned businesses. And under the law you have to demonstrate that your business is run and owned by a woman. 

DOOCY: Right. 

CARLSON: But you don't have to demonstrate that you are a woman. So there's nothing to prevent me from saying I am now a woman. You have to take me at face value. I want those grants. And there's no way to turn people down who are basically gaming the system. This sets up a conflict between transgender rights activists and feminist groups who really are, basically on opposite sides of this question.


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