Fox's Tucker Carlson Calls The Term “Climate Change Denier” Inherently “Anti-Science” 

Carlson: “That's The Kind Of Language Religious People Use" 

From the December 14 edition of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Here’s what makes honest dialogue impossible when you and people like you use the term denier to describe people who are asking in some cases entirely legitimate questions about climate science. And isn't the essence of science that you form  a hypothesis based on observation and then you test and retest the hypothesis. You are basically saying people who ask questions should be shut down and in fact you’ve espoused using the power of government to crush those people in encouraging prosecution for -- 

FRED KRUPP: Tucker, I don't think that's fair. First of all, I haven't used the term denier in talking to you. 

CARLSON: Your group does. I was just on the Environmental Defense Fund website and you are calling people deniers who are in some cases asking credible questions. Isn't that science? 

KRUPP: Science is based on questioning and we are for that. 

CARLSON: Right. 

KRUPP: But putting climate science to one side, the concern about Scott Pruitt is he has been out of the mainstream on American health protection. There --  

CARLSON: You are not answering my questions. You are instead diverting. Look, I know you have many concerns, I do too. But I am asking you a specific question about the use of the term denier, which is in fact in its use anti-science. People committed to the scientific method would never use the term denier. That’s the kind of language religious people use. You have a cataclysm, you are defending against all comers. Science is welcoming and open-minded. So will you pledge now to stop using that word and to ask your employees to do the same? 


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