Fox's Trump Tax Spin: Release Is “Exactly Why” More “Good People” Don't Run For Office

Fox & Friends Sunday Co-Hosts Also Suggest Documents Are Fake, Voters Won't Care

From the October 2 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Sunday:

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ABBY HUNTSMAN: You kind of have to wonder, do the voters that matter right now in these swing states, these voters that haven't really made up their minds yet that are going to impact who ends up winning in November. Do they actually care about this headline? You brought this up yesterday, Tucker, when it comes to Donald Trump, and this is quite different from what we saw four years ago with Mitt Romney, he is who he is. And I think a lot of people see him as someone, if they were to be successful and make it in life and make a lot of money that Donald Trump is living a life that they would say, I would probably get a plane, I would probably try to pay less taxes if I could. And I think Donald Trump has been transparent about that, not trying to hide who he is, which is pretty different than what we saw with Mitt Romney, he was really trying to be someone that he wasn't. But the bigger question is do people even care at all?

TUCKER CARLSON: Or could you learn anything about Trump and this stage that could change your view of who he is? You know exactly who Trump is.And by the way, I am annoyed at this, that this is allowed. I mean, that's true. The system, the tax code is corrupt. It penalizes work. If you go to work every day and work at a normal job, you're paying more percentage wise than anybody else, than people who are investing. Why is that fair? By the way, this has happened under Bill Clinton, under George W. Bush, and under Barack Obama. Nobody said anything.

ED HENRY: Right, and as the Times itself is saying, if these are his tax returns, if, he followed the law. He didn’t break the law by claiming thse losses.

CARLSON: So are the Hillary people really saying, that you should have just kind of paid more? I don't owe this, but I'm going to pay it.

HENRY: Right. Even if existing law says you can take these losses.

CARLSON: [Laughs] That’s what they’re arguing?

HENRY: So, he also said his statement, look, his campaign said, look, he wants to fix the tax laws. If you think rich people should be paying more, let’s figure out the whole system. I want to know what our viewers think.

CARLSON: Does George Soros pay more than he owes, I wonder? Does Tom Steyer pay more than he owes? Does Hillary Clinton pay more than she owes?

HUNTSMAN: But to your point, this is exactly why we don't have other good people that want to run for office because everything is so public. You can't get away with anything in life.
HENRY: Even your tax returns are out there.


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