Fox's Carlson Compares Mayors Standing Up To Trump’s Deportation Plan To George Wallace Opposing Desegregation

Tucker Carlson: “Maybe Not Since Fellow Democrat George Wallace Stood In The Schoolhouse Door Has An Elected Official Issued Such A Fiery Challenge To The Feds”

From the November 16 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): The left wing mayor of New York City Bill De Blasio met with the president-elect at Trump Tower today. He emerged in a righteous fury, promising to defy the new administration and the entire federal government on the question of immigration.

The mayor said he will continue to treat illegal immigrants as American citizens, issuing them government I.D. cards and shielding them from law enforcement. Maybe not since fellow Democrat George Wallace stood in the schoolhouse door has an elected official issued such a fiery challenge to the feds.


Joining us now is an ally of Mayor De Blasio, he is New York City Council Member Rafael Salamanca, who represents the Bronx. It's great to see you, Mr. Salamanca.

So, there's something that evokes memories in this, and we saw this in the 1950's and 60's, states and municipalities defied federal law in a bunch of different places, in Little Rock for example, in Alabama and Mississippi, and the feds sent troops in, sent tanks in, to enforce federal law. How is this different from that?

RAFAEL SALAMANCA: Well, I don't think the federal government is going to send in tanks, or --

CARLSON: Well, why wouldn't it? Why is it different from what happened before?

SALAMANCA: Well, I -- to be quite frank, I can't explain what happened before but I can explain what's happening now.


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