Fox's Brian Kilmeade connects Florida recounts to Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS: “We are back in the dossier conversation”

Kilmeade: “Marc Elias is back in our lives, as a country”

From the November 8 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (GUEST HOST): Senator, real quick, Marc Elias is coming in. He's a Clinton attorney, and guess what? Works for Perkins Coie, and guess what? They hired Fusion GPS, who hired Christopher Steele.

We are back in the dossier conversation. Marc Elias is back in our lives, as a country. The Clinton lawyers are here, and they are going to start putting a lawsuit together that the Senate vote, the punch for the Senate was way on the bottom of the ballot, separate, making it hard for people to vote.

So, they are going to challenge this legally, along with the recounts, along with the ballots. We might have another mess in Florida, but you are at least standing up ahead of time, instead of talking about it in the aftermath. Crazy.


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