Fox senior political analyst calls the January 6 insurrection “mostly peaceful”

Brit Hume: “I think to a great extent it was peaceful”

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Citation From the July 27, 2021, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): I thought when that January 6 thing happened, it was bad. I hate it when people break stuff. You shouldn't riot at a federal building, period. But, the disparity in the way that those rioters were treated as compared to the way the rioters last summer were treated is just too much, and it's making me feel like equal application of the law is dead. 

BRIT HUME (FOX NEWS ANALYST): If this were covered, Tucker, the way the riots of last summer were covered, it would be described as mostly peaceful. See, I think to a great extent it was peaceful, the pictures that you've shown of the people who were in the Capitol building milling around, the guy walking around the Senate chamber with the horns on and so on. Most of them were peaceful, but some obviously were not.