Fox Regular Echoes NRA Lie That Clinton Wants To “Confiscate” Guns From “Every Law Abiding American”

From the May 22 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Sunday:

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TUCKER CARLSON (CO-HOST): I'm sorry. It makes me laugh to hear [Hillary Clinton] say [Donald Trump is] causing anger and fear. But do you think a Trump presidency would result in more children at risk for violence and bigotry? 

DAVID CLARKE: Well, not at all, and I wonder if she feels that way as she’s surrounded by all of those armed Secret Service agents. It’s one of those let the public eat cake but she wants to live in this security blanket, which she’s entitled to but so are we as everyday Americans. Look, I'm still in Louisville where the NRA convention was held. The National Rifle Association is one of the largest civil rights groups in America. If black kids are at risk from anybody, it's from other black kids and black-on-black crime. The bigotry that she’s talking about stems from her party that has decimated the black family, it has black kids shackled to failing K-12 public schools and urban centers, and it’s where black men in these urban centers can't find meaningful work. So before she continues to open her mouth and put her foot in it, she ought to think about what she's talking about. Donald Trump has made it very clear that the Second Amendment is important. The Second Amendment is important to First Amendment. The Second Amendment is important to the Fourth Amendment, prohibition of searches and seizures. So I think Donald Trump is right on this issue, and Mrs. Bill Clinton is dead wrong. 

CLAYTON MORRIS (CO-HOST): She says that we can have a sensible approach to gun regulations in this country. Do you buy that? She says, 'Look, we know that we want to keep the guns in the hands of responsible gun owners,' and she went on to say, 'But we want to get them out of the hands of abusers, other violent criminals, gang members, and the severely mentally ill.' 

CLARKE: Well the first thing that we have to do then is we have to start prosecuting these statues that are already on the books. We have plenty of gun laws in this country, alright, but we don't enforce those gun laws. What I mean by we, is we can't -- we in law enforcement -- can’t get criminal prosecutions when we bring these things forth. So if we want to reduce crime in America, if we want to reduce violence, if we want to put kids in a safer environment, then what we have to do is attack the criminal element, not law-abiding gun owners. Mrs. Bill Clinton is in support of and stands for gun confiscation. This is veiled language that she uses, and she knows exactly what she's talking about. This is kind of dog whistle for 'I'm going to take the guns out of the hands of every law-abiding American,' and that would just be wrong for America. 

ANNA KOOIMAN (CO-HOST): And Sheriff Clarke, that's one thing Donald Trump brought up in front of his audience at the NRA on Friday, that he believes Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the Second Amendment all together and that she needs to release her list of Supreme Court justice replacements for [Antonin] Scalia, just as he did last week. He says that she's “Heartless Hillary,” this new branding from him, because she wants to take away the ultimate equalizer from women and in high crime neighborhoods who are trying to protect their children. Do you think this will work for Donald Trump? 

CLARKE: Well, sure. Because we all know -- we in law enforcement anyway, and most law-abiding gun owners know that a gun in the hands of the law-abiding person is a safer area. Gun-free zones are killing fields. Gun-free zones have gotten people killed. Every mass shooting that has happened in America, for the most part, every mass shooting has occurred in a gun-free zone. The only person that is safe in a gun-free zone is the criminal. 


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