Fox & Friends Sunday Is Very Concerned Stephen Colbert Wore A Black Lives Matter Wristband

Fox Host: Is Colbert “Going To Have An Arm Full Of Different Wristbands For Every Skin Color?”

From the September 13 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Sunday:

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TUCKER CARLSON: So it's possible [Colbert] is so rich, famous, a celebrity guy, so totally out of touch he doesn't fully understand what that represents. But here is my concern, obviously Stephen Colbert is a talented character, but there is also a strain of self-righteousness in his comedy. I don't think it -- I mean, do you really want to get into this your first week on air, diving face first into the most divisive social movement in America?

ANNA KOOIMAN: It is very divisive, there is no doubt about that, but there are a lot of supporters for this group. The problem with this group is that there are so many different factions, right? I mean, I don't think Stephen Colbert, at least I hope, isn't supporting the same group that says, “Fry like bacon, pigs in a blanket,” and, “What do we want dead cops? What do we want right now?”

CLAYTON MORRIS: Or the Black Lives Matter group yesterday we reported on down there that attacked that one guy's truck because he had “Blue Lives Matter” on it, they ripped up the truck and spray painted it. Chances are Stephen Colbert does not support that side. [CROSSTALK]

KOOIMAN: Or the group that makes Martin O'Malley get off stage, or Bernie Sanders get booed off stage. Is it that group or --

CARLSON: It's the idea --it's all of them.

KOOIMAN: -- or is it the group that has some viable grievances that they feel like they need to have addressed?

CARLSON: It's the idea behind all the groups, and that is that you divide people on the basis of their skin color and say, “This one group of people's lives matter.” Everybody's life matters. Period.

MORRIS: So is he going to have an arm full of different wristbands for every skin color? Let us know what you think about this,

KOOIMAN: And real quick, later in the show we have a guest coming on from the 20/20 Leaders of America, it's 20 Republicans and 20 Democrats trying to go against the Black Lives Matter group and try to express some of the grievances in a more peaceful way.


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