Fox & Friends Doesn't See Any Problem With Statue That Displays Native Americans Kneeling To White Missionary

SLU Statue

Fox & Friends cried reverse racism when St. Louis University relocated what students and faculty considered a racially and culturally insensitive statue of Native Americans kneeling in front of a white missionary. 

Following student and faculty complaints, St. Louis University relocated a statue depicting Native Americans being converted by Belgian missionary Fr. Pierre DeSmet, S.J. According to St. Louis Magazine, university officials pointed to concerns of cultural insensitivity and “white supremacy” in explaining the decision to move the statue inside the university's art museum:

Clayton Berry, SLU's assistant vice president for communications, tells SLM that the statue was moved to the university's art museum after staff voiced concerns.

“In more recent years, there have been some faculty and staff who have raised questions about whether the sculpture is culturally sensitive,” Berry says. “Hearing that feedback, the decision was made to place the piece within the historical context of a collection that's on permanent display in our SLU Museum of Art.”

University staff weren't alone in finding the statue of two Indian men submitting to a white man troubling. Two years before its removal, the student newspaper called it “the most controversial and misunderstood of all the artwork on the Saint Louis University campus.” During Occupy SLU, the six-day student protest against racial inequality sparked by the Ferguson protests, Twitter user @EmmaculateJones shared photos of the statue, calling it a visual representation of “white supremacy on SLU campus.”

However, Fox contributor Tucker Carlson called the relocation an “act of racism” on the May 29 edition of Fox & Friends, insisting to co-hosts that the statue's detractors were likely “wholly ignorant” of DeSmet's good works:

KILMEADE: It's a statue of Father Pierre Jean DeSmet ... And right there he is blessing American Indians back in his day. You know why? He was a Belgian Catholic priest who was able to convert countless members of American [[-]] Indians back in that day, and the American Indian community embraced him and his legacy. And among his good friends was actually Sitting Bull.


CARLSON: Despite those facts, of which I think the student body is likely wholly ignorant, the statue has beenremoved and shuttled off to a museum where it will be shown with the appropriate cultural context. Why? Because he was a white supremacist? No. Because he was white. His skin color is itself considered so offensive by the school that this statue can no longer be on display.


KILMEADE: Did anyone even Google this?


HASSELBECK: I mean, just do your homework! He was a friend to that community, reached out, and because of him a major treaty was signed. And after he died, only then did things get even more violent. He was the peacekeeper between the two groups.

This is hardly the first time that Fox News has brandished supposed reverse discrimination to demean attempts at correcting actual injustice.