Daily Caller columnist compares Obama to 9/11 hijackers

The worst analogy of the day, courtesy of Daily Caller contributor Ron Hart:

The “me, my and I” speeches Obama gives, in which he takes credit for his minor accomplishments and blames Bush for all else, no longer work. The economy has been under Democratic House and Senate rule since 2006. Obama taking credit for jobs “saved” is like the 9/11 hijackers taking credit for creating TSA jobs.

In January, Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz profiled the Daily Caller under the (print edition) headline “It's the Caller, not the Holler; Tucker Carlson and company say their site will maintain nonpartisan civility.” Here's a taste:

The Fox News commentator launches his new Web site, the Daily Caller, on Monday. His partner is Neil Patel, a former Dick Cheney aide. His opinion editor is Moira Bagley, who spent 2008 as the Republican National Committee's press secretary. And his $3 million in funding comes from Wyoming financier Foster Friess, a big-time GOP donor.

As for his new partners, Friess says by e-mail: "Tucker and Neil present a huge opportunity to re-introduce civility to our political discourse. They are mature, sensible men who are very thoughtful and experienced with pleasant senses of humor and do not take themselves too seriously. They want to make a contribution to the dialogue that occurs in our country that has become too antagonistic, nasty and hostile.

Less than a year later, Tucker Carlson is publishing columns that compare the President of the United States to the 9/11 hijackers. So much for reintroducing civility to the political discourse.