As coronavirus cases surge, Tucker Carlson claims “there's no medical reason you can't vote in person”

Carlson: “It's not inherently unsafe, obviously”

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Citation From the January 5, 2021, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Not too long ago, just a few years ago, actually, Americans expected to learn their election results on the night of the election, and usually they did.

Were voting machines that much more efficient way back in say, 2012? No, they weren't.

The difference was we just required most people to vote in person back then. In person voting reduces fraud and reducing fraud and the appearance of fraud was important to us. We wanted people to believe the results when they came in. We wanted to protect the system that made all of our good things possible. We wanted democracy to continue. But then everything changed.

The main driver of that change, they will tell you, was the corona pandemic. It simply became too dangerous to show up in person to vote. 

But think about that for a second. It doesn't really make sense. If you can go to the grocery store, and most people can and do, then you can go to a polling place. There's no medical reason you can't vote in person. It's not inherently unsafe, obviously.

Almost no one in the media has ever made that point. They know that mail-in elections help Democrats and they're for that -- that's the whole point. When Republicans complain about it, the left doesn't answer the questions. Instead, they just get hysterical and start screaming about racism.