Coalition To Stop Gun Violence's Josh Horwitz Explains How States With Weak Gun Laws Are Pouring Firearms Into Chicago

From the January 3 edition of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Okay, so, Chicago, 3,500 shootings last year, 762 murders. What gun laws would have prevented that? 

JOSH HORWITZ: So, Illinois has okay gun laws, okay? So they don't have the best, they don't have the worst. But what they do have is most of the  -- 60 percent of their guns that end up in crime come from other states. And those other states, of course, think about Wisconsin, Mississippi, Indiana leads the way there, right? So those guns are coming in from those states with weak gun laws. And they’re going across borders, and they’re ending up in crime in Chicago. So what we really need to do is to make sure that the evidence-based laws that we think work, background checks, et cetera, that we have them on a national basis. Because Illinois is in a very -- 

CARLSON: But hold on. I've heard this argument. New York City has seen a dramatic drop in gun crime, right? 

HORWITZ: Right, and they have great gun laws. 

CARLSON: And its right south of Vermont, which has the laxiest gun laws in America, you can get in a car and drive up there. So why isn’t that the same? 

HORWITZ:  Because first of all, New York -- first of all, it's the same thing as Illinois where the guns are coming from out of state.  But New York lives in a much safer neighborhood, right. So you have to go quite some distance to get a firearm. You just can’t go --

CARLSON: Really? 

HORWITZ: Oh yeah. 

CARLSON: Because like everyone I know in New York has a weekend home in Vermont. Look the point is, this stuff doesn't work and you know it doesn't work. 

HORWITZ: I think the evidence shows that it works and that’s important. 


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