Brit Hume says media reporting on Mueller investigation was “dog doo” 

Hume: “Some of us, such as those of us at Fox News, who don't have any of this collusion dog doo all over our shoes and never did”

From the April 18 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight: 

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): [The Mueller report] comes out. How can the rest of us act like our assumptions for the past two years -- or their assumptions for the last two years -- were ratified, were right. I mean why doesn’t the entire city of Washington stop and ask itself, “How were we so wrong?”

BRIT HUME (FOX NEWS SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST): Well that, can be attributed to the partisan divide that you see across the country and very much in Washington. Some of us, such as those of us here at Fox News, who don't have any of this collusion dog doo all over our shoes and never did. And so, we look at this and we think to ourselves, well, yeah, I guess we sort of sized that up properly. 

We didn't buy into that. We didn't make a hero out of Michael Avenatti, and having him on our air a couple of hundred times, and talk about what a serious presidential candidate he was. We didn't spin every story that came along to suggest that it pointed in the direction of the collusion that was talked about endlessly, we didn't do any of that. So there's a big segment of us and a big segment of our audience that didn't buy into that stuff either. So none of us tonight has anything but regrets that this took up as much of our time and as much of our political air as it did as you point out.


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