Ann Coulter: DREAMers Are “Committing Murder And Child Rape”

From the February 22 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): You wrote a book that I think influenced the president a lot on immigration, and you've been a pretty strong advocate for changing our immigration laws. How are you feeling? Are you satisfied with what the Trump Administration has done so far?

ANN COULTER: So far, I give him an A+. He got an “A” just for replacing Obama.

CARLSON: Okay, and the “plus” comes from what?

COULTER: So, noon on January 20th -- well, he's up against -- I mean, he can get to the DACA stuff, he can get to the -- that's the DREAMers --


COULTER: -- Who are, by the way, committing murder and child rape. But -- we've never had a president who's been opposed on all fronts like this, including from -- as my column today is about Republicans in Congress, including the entire federal bureaucracy, including the entire federal judiciary, including the fake news. And he's right about the fake news.

So, I mean, considering all of that he has to do, he is -- he is Gary Cooper out there in “High Noon.” He is standing there alone, and he has done so much in the first month considering that.


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