The Wall Street Journal's James Freeman: Ukraine scandal “dissipating more quickly” than Russia collusion

Freeman: “This will probably make some people rethink the whistleblower concept”

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Citation From the October 1 edition of Fox Business' After the Bell

MELISSA FRANCIS (ANCHOR): Here now to react is James Freeman from The Wall Street Journal. He is also a Fox News contributor. You know, I do this all day long and I have a hard time keeping track of the back and forth. 


FRANCIS: And that impeach — I'm going to arrest you, and you're a liar, and this -- everything is a threat to our Constitution and to our existence. What's the score right now, in your mind? 

FREEMAN: Well, this one seems to be, this story seems to be dissipating more quickly than the Russia collusion one, which took a couple of years. But I think the — this will probably make some people rethink the whistleblower concept, because I don't think anyone intended for a disgruntled, unelected executive branch employee to be able to raise objection to policy. And so, we're going to find out as we go here if there's something, something more. We saw the call. It didn't live up to expectations. We've seen the whistleblower's complaint, which doesn't appear to have anything other than secondhand reports of that call, and also includes various footnotes referencing news reports on this network and other media publications. So it's not clear what — how much power we ought to give people who designate themselves as whistleblowers.