Reince Priebus says Trump lawyer is “very close to Laura Ingraham” and her show reflects his views

Preibus: “If you want to know, kind of, where Pat [Cipollone]'s head is at, listen to Laura on Fox News”

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Citation From the January 17 edition of War Room: Impeachment with Steve Bannon

REINCE PRIEBUS: As far as Cipollone, I think extremely thorough, understated, knows more than he presents. He's one of those kinds of lawyers, I have a lot of respect for him, I think the president does as well.


JASON MILLER: Very strong defender of right to life. He is someone who is very, he very much holds --

PRIEBUS: Also very close to Laura Ingraham.


PRIEBUS: You know I've always said, if you want to know, kind of, where Pat's head is at, listen to Laura on Fox News. And I think there's a lot of similarity in the way they view the legalities of this case and this matter.