Rudy Giuliani suggests Republicans in Congress pressure Ukraine: “Somebody should lean on Zelensky. You want another penny? Give us your Biden — give us your Biden file.”

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Citation From the April 29, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room 

BANNON: That's just not a good enough answer. When the Dem are going — Nancy Pelosi rolled things, hey, they went right to impeachments. They took action and drove it forward. Do you know why? Because she's banging their heads every day, and she had a two seat majority. It's about political will. No, Jim. Your job is not to put forward facts to the American people. Your raison d'etre is to get on with it.

Where is the impeachment hearings? Where's the corruption of the Biden crime family? Where is this — there's a criminal conspiracy against Trump and his senior MAGA people and the MAGA and the deplorables right now on Trump. This is a criminal conspiracy from the White House Counsel's Office to DOJ to the FBI to the state prosecutors, and they serve — preserve their documents. Where are the hearings on this?

And let me tell you why it's not happening — because Paul Singer and the big donors have given a hundred million dollars to Mike Johnson to say hold the house. They know that they're gonna pick up a couple of seats in the Senate. They're gonna control the Senate and the House. They're gonna say, hey. You know what? Biden's terrible and — but we're making a lot of money with him, but, we can handle four years of that with Kamala Harris as backup. Because if we take out Trump, Rudy's gone, Bannon's gone, MAGA's gone, War Room's gone, Real America with Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, all of them. They're all a pain in the ass. And we're not gonna turn over power. So let's get rid of them, and let's get rid of them now. And we'll box Biden in, and we'll deal with Biden, and we'll make money like we're making money hand over fist.

Anyway, Rudy Giuliani, why is the House of Representatives — Jim Jordan is head of judiciary, head of the weaponization of government — Why are they not pursuing a full and why are the letter not going out to preserve your documents, including to the one of the architects of this, Andrew Weissmann, who's on MSNBC every second of every — I mean, Andrew Breitbart used to be a hard worker, and Breitbart was there for every show. And what he did with Fox back in the old days was amazing. You should've seen — Andrew Weissmann makes Andrew Breitbart look like a piker. This guy's on every fricking show all weekend, every night because he's dedicated to destroying Donald Trump. And he's not gonna let anything stand in his way. Rudy Giuliani.

GIULIANI: Well, I mean, Steve, you're absolutely right. This is a — this is — we're in, like, the 7th chapter in do anything you can to destroy Donald Trump because this country has become your dictatorship, and you can do whatever the hell you want. Starting with purchasing the Russian conspiracy, the Russian collusion, which was purchased by Hillary Clinton. I mean, actually, the first subpoena should go to — by — to Obama, who was there at the beginning with Brennan when they were hatching when he was informed of Hillary coming up with a false plot. It should begin with him, and it should, it should include Brennan. It should include Biden, the vice president, who approved it and helped out.

They should bring over from Ukraine, about 20 Ukrainian witnesses. I can get them that are still being held there. A couple I found out very recently are in fear of death, and, they should — somebody should lean on Zelensky. You want another penny? Give us your Biden — give us your Biden file. I mean, look. Let's stop worrying about accountability. There is none. Some idiot said we — the money we give to Ukraine is accountable because it goes to the American military-industrial complex. That was like telling me it goes to John Gotti, the American military-industrial complex. That's that's a place they've been whacking up money for years before maybe before you and I were born.