Timcast contributor gives full-throttle endorsement of Ye for president

Following the rapper's pro-Nazi comments, Tim Pool's outlet promotes Ye's potential run for president

Timcast contributor Shane Cashman gave a full-throttle endorsement of Ye — the rapper formerly known as Kanye West — for president following an interview with the musician. Cashman’s endorsement comes after Ye went on several antisemitic and pro-Nazi rants alongside white nationalist leader Nick Fuentes, including Holocaust denial and praise for Adolf Hitler. 

Timcast.com, the website associated with YouTuber Tim Pool, posted a story on December 7 with the headline “Cashman: The case for president Ye.” The article outlines Cashman’s time visiting Ye’s Los Angeles studio and sitting down with him and Fuentes, who reposted Cashman’s story on his Telegram account.

Fuentes Ye Cashman

“I believe in you, and I believe a Ye presidency is inevitable,” Cashman claims he said to Ye after the rapper and his posse walked out of Pool’s podcast recording studio.

“You have faced rejection and mockery in every industry you’ve been a part of. And every time you fall out of the good graces of the public eye, you find a way to skyrocket past all expectations and succeed. That’s why I refuse to discount what you’re doing. I’d love to see you go back on IRL and tell everyone else why they should believe in you too.”  He nodded as if to say that all sounded correct — except for the last part. His decision was final.

In the piece, Cashman admits his admiration for Ye’s art is “borderline insane” while he continues his endorsement: “I’m looking for something to completely root out the system. He doesn’t have political experience, but I don’t think we need someone who has that on the resume. We need a radical visionary who has operated at the highest levels of business.” 

“That’s Ye,” he declares.

Cashman then goes into a defense of Ye’s antisemitic comments, writing, “People should have learned a long time ago not to write Ye off as unstable, mentally ill, racist, white supremacist, or antisemitic. … He has yet to prove, to me anyways, that he is any of those things. Is his messaging always the clearest?  No, but I believe he comes from a good place.”

Further down in the article, Cashman describes how he pushed Ye to pursue the presidency during their interview: “I’m literally considering you as a candidate. Like, I’m telling people they should take you seriously because, as I told you on Monday, you’ve always been rejected and always find success in the aftermath. Right now, everyone else sounds insane to me.” 

After running the story, Cashman continued his support for a Ye candidacy in an appearance on Pool’s Timcast IRL

“It was a great weekend,” Cashman said. “A very positive, exciting insight into his campaign and everything he’s doing.” 

The writer went on to suggest that he still sees “positivity” in Ye’s potential campaign after his pro-Nazi rants. “I’m a massive fan of his.”

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Citation From the December 7, 2022, edition of Timcast IRL, streamed on YouTube 

Later in the stream, Cashman proclaimed, “We need President Ye,” adding, “I think an outsider has to come in and destroy this system.” 

Cashman then joked he will start a “Jews for Yeezus” campaign.

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Citation From the December 7, 2022, edition of Timcast IRL, streamed on YouTube 

Cashman’s endorsement comes after Pool and his guests have been defending and praising Ye and his allies over the past two weeks. 

Cashman claimed there is a second part to his story “coming soon.”