Timcast co-host: Ye “will be looked at as someone who saved the Jews”

Ian Crossland: “Kanye is waking up a bunch of Jewish people and pointing them to God”

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Citation From the December 6, 2022, edition of Timcast IRL, streamed to YouTube

IAN CROSSLAND (CO-HOST): I was thinking about this as like, the long term, like where is this along the path of humanity when we look back in a thousand years like what was happening right now and what will they remember happening. I think what's happening is, as crazy as it is, Kanye is waking up a bunch of Jewish people and pointing them to God. Like last night on that Gavin McGinnes interview - 

TIM POOL (HOST): Wait, what?

CROSSLAND: I'll explain it. Gavin was like -

POOL: I don't know about that one, Ian. 

CROSSLAND: Yeah, Gavin's like - cause Nick was saying oh there's a cabal - or they were saying there's a cabal of people that are preventing Kanye from, you know, getting to another echelon of wealth or whatever. There's a cabal. And Kanye's like it's the Jewish people. And Gavin was like, I don't think they're Jewish. If you don't believe in God you're not Jewish. And it's something I said last week too so Gavin, if you're listening, hell yeah dude. Nice one. And it's true. And I think -

POOL: No, no, no, that's not true.

CROSSLAND: Let me finish please.

POOL: I understand but I want to, like if you make a point, if you make like twelve points in a row, we can’t address all of them, it’s called the Gisp gallop. So you said a few things right now that I think need to be addressed. One, you can be ethnically Jewish and not religious. 

CROSSLAND: Yeah, well I think you need a different word for that.

POOL: Okay well that's an important thing to make, to explain. 

CROSSLAND: It's like saying the word means two different things, it's nonsense. The word means something. What does the word mean? What does Jewish mean? Let's define it and move on. You don't need two definitions. 

POOL: You can say religiously or you can say ethnically then, right?

CROSSLAND: Well, I'm just talking about the word. What does the word mean? Let's be specific. The word means that you're Jewish. Meaning what? That you're a Jew. Meaning what? That you believe in God. That's a tenet of Judaism. That's like the tenet. 


My thoughts are that what's going to happen is people are realizing like if you're fallen, if you're a fallen Jew, if you’ve like no longer believe in this and you're just this atheist taking advantage of people you're going to realize that God is great. It's there for all of us. We're all in this together. And I think that what's happening is there's a - there's going to be a revelation within Judaism and probably all the major religions on Earth, that there's going to be some sort of transformation where people come back to the faith and Kanye will be looked at as someone that saved the Jews.


CROSSLAND: Because he returned them to God.