Tammy Bruce Flip-Flops On How She Would View Obama If Bin Laden Were Killed During His Watch

In September 2009, conservative radio host Tammy Bruce came up with a scenario in which she claimed she would change how she viewed President Obama. She said she would look at Obama “differently” if Osama bin Laden were captured or killed during his presidency. At the time, Bruce's animosity toward the president and his family was well documented. Indeed, she had spent the months since his inauguration denigrating Obama, his policies, and his supporters. On one such memorable occasion, she said of the first family: “We've got trash in the White House.”

But on September 17, 2009, she told Bill O'Reilly:

BRUCE: [I]f we captured Osama bin Laden and Zawahiri and the one-eyed Sheikh, the three stooges over there in Pakistan somewhere -- if Barack Obama captured those guys or killed them, I would be looking at this man slightly differently.

She then followed up in predictable fashion: “But ultimately it comes down to his inability to govern and the fact that he seems to have, it seems to me, some malevolence towards this country which is unabated.”

But since news of bin Laden's death, there's been no hint that Bruce has changed her views even “slightly.” She has repeatedly tweeted variations of an argument that Obama did not deserve any credit for bin Laden's death. At one point, she even wrote: “Ok I'll give Obama credit -- he's a master at putting people out of work. Why stop at bin Laden?”

In a series of posts on Twitter the day after Obama's announcement, she wrote:

That night, as a guest on Fox Business' America's Nightly Scoreboard, Bruce continued her attacks.


Just as in her tweets, Bruce claimed that the mission was “the antithesis of what Obama has been stating he wants” -- that's false -- and repeated her assertion that “this was a completely military action.” She went on: “It needed to happen this way, so on one hand you've got arguments that would have made this entirely impossible this weekend, and then giving credit to the man who would've made it impossible. And, you know, I'm thrilled it happened of course, all of us are, but that's the bottom line.” She later accused the Obama administration of having “no foreign policy.”

The next day, she called Obama a “malignant narcissist” :

Bruce's vehement attacks on Obama stand in stark contrast to more rational conservatives who have indeed credited Obama for what they call a "gutsy" decision.