Bruce: "[I]t's hysterical" that she's "getting emails of people upset of me calling the Obamas trash"


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From the March 24 broadcast of Talk Radio Network's The Laura Ingraham Show:

BRUCE: There's no other way to look at a side of politics that for eight years gave aid and comfort to the enemy by attacking the president. Democrat politicians and pundits, liberal pundits, hoping the war would fail, simply because they hated George W. Bush so much, calling him a liar, making a film or two about his assassination, attacking his wife and his daughters repeatedly, and now demanding decorum in how things are discussed.

Eight years calling him a monkey, a chimp, an idiot, a liar, a mass murderer, a war criminal, and I'm getting emails of people upset of me calling the Obamas trash. Talk about thin skins. Oh my goodness, it's hysterical. It really moves into the funny. My name is Tammy Bruce, filling in for Laura Ingraham. We'll be right back.

Bruce also addressed her comments about the Obamas on her website,

My webmaster informs me that after 8 years of attacking President Bush, calling him all sorts of horrific names, suggesting he be assassinated, making a film of him being assassinated, attacking his wife and his daughters, the Left these days has a veeeeery thin skin. Outraged, outraged they are that I noted on today's Laura Ingraham show that I consider the Obamas trash. Considering the nature of what they're doing to this country, that's a mild word to describe my opinion.

As Pat S. notes, Obama is also starting to get serious criticism now from all sides. After just 8 weeks, and an imploding admin, it's not surprising for the left to be desperate for distractions onto which to fling their Pseudo-Outrage about their Pseudo-Sophisticate President. Obama obviously does not know how to govern and the stakes are higher than winning an election--it's about whether or not this nation survives or goes bankrupt as B. Hussein Urkel pushes his Social Engineering scheme at the expense of everyone's future.

Here, though, are a few choice emails my webmaster thought should be included in the Email of the Day category, just so you can see what happens when Thin Skin combines with Empty Heads, or perhaps when one strikes a chord. And for anyone who thinks, somehow, liberals have the moral high ground on any issue, think again--these emails will remind you the importance of what we fight against and the extraordinary depravity and hypocrisy of those who call themselves "liberals" these days


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