Fox Business panel dismisses link between hurricanes and climate change, says “the left” uses climate change to “control everything else” 

Tammy Bruce: “The thing about climate change is that it is so malleable. You can blame everything on it. It becomes the excuse. And this is what's so great about it for the left”

From the September 14 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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STAURT VARNEY (HOST): An opinion headline from The Washington Post. Here it is: “Opinion: Climate change wrought this freak of nature.” Who better to address that then Tammy Bruce. Let me explain a little bit here. 


VARNEY: The writer of that op-ed piece says Florence is a bad storm, turned into a monster by climate change. And your response? 

BRUCE: Well there has been storms in the past that have been worse, right? Like in 1952. I think, what was it, Gloria was the name of that one? Was that it? 


BRUCE: Hazel. Well Hazel -- that was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up, Hazel. You remember her? Bottom line is is that was have a series of storms that have actually been worse historically. So, of course if you didn't live through them, you wouldn't necessarily know that. But the thing about climate change is that it is so malleable. You can blame everything on it. It becomes the excuse. And this is what's so great about it for the left if they're not being specific regarding climate change, it adjusts itself. If it's a bad storm, you say it's responsible for that. If there are a few more storms but they're not as big, it's responsible for that. Generally bad weather, anything they want to apply it to they can. And this is of course the goal, is it's not even about the nature of the weather itself but the blaming of humanity, of the nature of what we're doing, that we're the problem. And of course that gives you an excuse then to control what people do, to control business, and to control industry.

VARNEY: No, it gives you an excuse to blame Trump. 

BRUCE: It allows you to do that too. 


PETE HEGSETH (FOX & FRIENDS WEEKEND CO-HOST): Tammy's totally right. This is -- it's climate change now. You know what it was before? It was global cooling, and then it was global warming, and then it was global cooling, and then it was global warming -- they couldn't figure out what it was. So they scrapped them both and went with global climate change. Whether it is hot or cold, windy or not, we're to blame for it. And she got into the key point at the end as well. It's all about control. When climate change is your religion, nothing else matters and you want to control everything else. This president has said I don't want to control you. I want to unleash you and give businesses and individuals the ability to flourish and thrive. Yet the left will not skip any single moment to condemn this president. In this case it's a hurricane. And The Washington Post is doing it again.


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