Alex Jones tells Steven Crowder that the judge in his lawsuit is a “Soros operative”

Crowder agrees

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Citation From the September 14, 2022, edition of Louder with Crowder, streamed on YouTube

ALEX JONES (GUEST): Well now what they do is they do a default. So they sue you in one of these key jurisdictions that they control, if you're dumb enough to live in one of them -- still, they'll just do it in DC and make you go there. They'll sue you in the jurisdiction with a judge assigned that they control, and who's a political operative -- this lady is a Soros operative, admits she is on her own, you know, Facebook.


STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): You said Soros operative, she admits it on her Facebook. That's the kind of stuff where people will say, well, she doesn't say I'm a Soros operative. What do you mean by that? 'Cause that's the kind of stuff the media will take out of context and say Alex Jones says that she said on her Facebook that she's a Soros operative and that's not true, therefore everything else he said is a lie.

JONES: Well, if you go there she's got purple blue hair and has all these Soros-funded PACs on the site. And she gets money out of the PACs that are funded by Soros, just like the Austin DA is famous for letting people that shoot people out of jail the next day.