After accusing Black people of being racist against white people, Steven Crowder declares “slavery was never racially-motivated”

“You probably more Black people right now...who have a preconceived, negative idea of what white people are than what white people, maybe, have of Black people”

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Citation From the November 22, 2021, edition of BlazeTV's Louder with Crowder

STEVEN CROWDER (HOST): I think this idea that your race is supreme is incredibly rare. But I think that actual racism - meaning you that you have, not necessarily that you view them inferior, but a predetermined negative worldview of someone because of their race, can happen in any group of people. And I do think, actually, that we're probably at a point where it happens more -- you probably have more Black people right now, because of what they're being fed by the media, who have a preconceived, incorrect, negative idea of what white people are than what white people, maybe, have of Black people. I don't know. Maybe it's a fifty-fifty split, but it certainly is something all groups can be racist. And the left just argues, yeah but only one can be systemically oppressive.

Do you guys know, maybe you guys can bring this up, the number. Do you guys know how many slaves there were in the north African, sort of Mediterranean slave trade? Do you know how many? It was a million. It was a million slaves. Right? People who lived in the Mediterranean coast, they were at risk. You guys know about the history of North Africa, the Moors. And by the way these were – they were kidnapping white people. Just to be clear. This is not something –

Slavery is not something that has been racially-based. Never. Now, it was codified into law because most slaves at a certain point in the United States were Black. But you can look at other countries where they decided, oh, ok, now we're going to try and ensure that we maintain control over these slaves. And so, therefore, you look at what are the majority slaves? Alright, we determine them then by skin color, or ethnicity, or wherever they come from -- you know, Indian people were enslaved. There are still people who are enslaved in the world today.

Look, slavery is not uniquely American, it was never uniquely American, it still exists outside of the United States of America. Slavery was never racially-motivated, to be clear. It happened in large numbers, to the tune of millions -- Black people enslaving white people, as well. And it's wrong across the board. The United States is singularly unique in, however, recognizing and ending slavery because it was incompatible with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. That is unique.