BlazeTV host on Trump's fake electors scheme: “Joan of Arc's a hero today. At the time, she was burned at the stake for doing things like this.”

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Citation From the July 19, 2023, edition of BlazeTV's The Steve Deace Show

STEVE DEACE (HOST): I was not aware it was a crime to try to convince or even file alternate electors. That you're not bound, you're not constitutionally bound -- I don't think people understand this. The process that our founders gave us was for checks and balances all the way through. So, the Electoral College, those electors are not bound unless -- unless their states have passed laws. Now, maybe Michigan has and I just haven't looked, I don't know the answer to that. But unless your state has passed a law that has bound electors to the choice of the voters, constitutionally, you are not required to vote the same way. And then I would even say, just on principle, you know, as a -- you know, my worldview created civil disobedience. We -- we brought it into the world. I mean, I would say even if your state bound you and you had a conscience that said to you, I cannot do it.

Now understand, you know, Joan of Arc's a hero today. At the time, she was burned at the stake for doing things like this. Alright? Which is why a lot of people don't do it. Okay? But, you know, I would say you're -- if you're a believer, your conscience doesn't permit you to do things that God says is wrong, no matter what force of -- and will to power the state brings to threaten you, actually.

Since we just had an end times conversation, I mean, that's -- that's your preparation for the Antichrist, that you will refuse it. Doesn't matter what you will be threatened with, what you will be shunned from, that you will be exiled to, you will refuse it as the Apostles did, as the church fathers did, as the saints of old did. As many Christians that don't have any form of a free society they live in are doing so this very day, that you will say no. I will not comply.