Megyn Kelly Slams Steve Deace For Sexist Tweet Saying Carly Fiorina Went “Full Vagina” In Debate

Kelly To Fiorina: What You And Hillary Clinton Share In Common Is A “Reoccurring Theme” Of “Sexist Attacks” Against You

From the December 16 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): Carly good to see you. I guess you have to blow this off, you have to act like this doesn't bother you. I'm sorry to even ask you to respond to this, but it's like over and over people take these sexist shots at you. 

CARLY FIORINA: Well, I've been called the B-word, so now I guess I'm going to be called the V-word. What's amazing to me is I told an American story last night in my opening comments. I told my story, just like every other candidate has told their story. So it's inexplicable to me why this major surrogate of Ted Cruz thought that was playing the “V” card. But the more important point is this, this gentleman is more than a radio show talk host. He is a major surrogate for Ted Cruz and a major endorser, and this is why Ted Cruz cannot possibly beat Hillary Clinton. 

KELLY: Well, because, I mean, is he responsible for everything his surrogates say?

FIORINA: Well, this is a major member of Ted Cruz's campaign. Ted Cruz relies on him to speak for him. In fact, he was speaking for Ted Cruz last night. So, this is the Cruz campaign, and I think we need to be realistic about what we're going to face with Hillary Clinton. 

KELLY: You know, you have something in common with her in that regard. And that's -- that will probably conclude the list of things you have in common. But she's going through some sexist attacks, and will go through more, and you are too, and I know viewers don't want to hear it, like OK, whatever, everybody has got their troubles. But it is a recurring theme.


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