The architect of Trump’s worst immigration abuses accuses Biden of committing “a crime against humanity”

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Citation From the August 7, 2022, edition of Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo

MARIA BARTIROMO (HOST): Stephen Miller is the founder of America First Legal, and architect — he was the architect of President Trump’s immigration policy. And Stephen, it is good to see you, thanks very much for being here this morning.

STEPHEN MILLER: Thank you, great to be here.

BARTIROMO: A lot going on, Stephen. First, the border, which you have been raising the alarms on now for years, you have studied this for decades. Tell us how you see things today.

MILLER: We are in the midst of the greatest national security crisis and greatest humanitarian crisis that we have ever seen. There is a border that is completely controlled by foreign criminal cartels. Any weapons they want in, any drugs they want in, any gang members they want in, they’re bringing them in. There is sex trafficking on a scale this world has never seen, modern-day slavery, labor trafficking.

The Biden administration's decision to terminate President Trump's hugely successful border controls is a crime against humanity.

And my plea to every single member of Congress on the Republican side of the aisle is, raise holy hell about what’s happening on our border. This administration deserves to lose not only a record number of seats in the House and the Senate over this border crisis, but the eternal shame of history. For what they have done has no precedent.


MILLER: It is an abomination.

Miller was a key figure in creating the Trump administration’s policy of separating undocumented migrant children from their families, a policy he even attempted to apply to migrants who presented themselves legally for asylum at ports of entry. Since leaving the White House, he has appeared on Fox News repeatedly to speak about immigration and to lie about the Trump administration’s failed track record of reuniting unaccompanied migrant children.

Miller also has a long history of ties to white nationalism, and during his appearances on Fox he has claimed that immigration was “eroding and destroying” American culture, and fearmongered against Afghan refugees for allegedly being part of a political conspiracy to “change America.” In addition, he has attacked the Biden administration for other practices that were also occurring under the Trump administration, such as transporting migrants and paying legal settlements for abuses.